Why Internet Marketing?

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Why Internet Marketing?

So why Internet marketing? The best why for me to answer that is to explain exactly what Internet Marketing is.

Internet Marketing is exactly what it says its marketing products or services over the internet or online if you prefer

How to do it?

Go to a search engine e.g. Bing, Google, You Tube, you can even search on social media these days & search for a product or service of your choice and you will thousands upon thousands of results back.

Affiliate Marketing

Now imagine that you are promoting that particular product or service & once someone buys that product or service then you get paid a commission for it.

You don’t own the product or the service therefore you never to worry about any overheads such as

No – Paying for customer service
No – Paying for fulfilment
No -Employing any staff.

All you do is find a product or service (with a ton of value & with a proven business model), put that product or service in front of the right people (doing it online) & get paid a commission the end.

Or in Internet Marketing terms

You find the product or service, you put that offer in front of the right people (drive traffic to the product/service) & you get paid. Sometimes very handsomely, depending on how much commission the product owner is willing to offer, commissions can be low say $6.00 for example up to over $1,000 OR MORE per sale!


You can receive the exact same training I did.   Now, don’t worry you don’t have to folk out thousands and thousands of pounds to get started.

You can simply test drive the exact same education system that I used & you’ll be introduced to th exact same proven, legitimate and scalable business model that I & soo many other like-minded people use…The Six Figure Mentors.  To test drive you simply need to complete the application process to discover more.

Why have an application process for The SFM

The application process is the only way for you to discover more, and make an informed decision if Six Figure Mentors ticks all the boxes for you. In our honest opinion, it’s a brilliant, ‘no-strings-attached’, option.

Why Test Drive?

When you test drive you get to see and get a feel for what is in store for you and access to your very own back office that is filled with valuable tools that you will be using to leverage the Internet.  When you open your test-drive account, you’ll be allocated your own personal business consultant to speak to directly – they’ll answer all your questions (way better than I can) and can tell you the next steps to follow.



The amounts mentioned here are possibly what various internet marketing/ affiliate marketing/network marketing companies can or may offer their affiliates. All internet marketing/ affiliate marketing/network marketing companies are different and such offer different commissions and levels of value on their products & services & no commissions are ever guaranteed. For example it is highly unlikely that you will earn if you sign up to a internet marketing/ affiliate marketing/network marketing company and then not promote the product or service or do very little promoting. Due your own due diligence and research internet marketing/ affiliate marketing/network marketing companies before signing up & promoting. I only work with internet marketing/ affiliate marketing/network marketing companies that I know, like & trust.

To YOUR! Success
Jonathan Edwards


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