Is it possible to make money online?

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Is it possible to make money online?

This question would easily fall into the top three questions about making money online & is one of the first questions that I asked when I was researching the industry and the honest answer to this question is an extremely re-sounding YES!

I know that using capital letters in the digital age is sometimes considered as shouting.  I have used bold capitals for the above yes, not to shout but to the point across that it is 100% is possible to make money online.

Why put the point across? 

I felt that I had to put the point across because it is 100% possible to make money online.  There are a lot of naysayers and negative people who will tell you that it’s not possible & that it’s a scam (I have spoken about scammers in a previous blog/post), I touch on them here because it’s because of scammers that people are convinced that it’s not possible but that’s just one reason.

Another reason is that you tell people about what’s involved with making money online and how it will enable you to create lifestyle of your dreams e.g making money from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop/smartphone/tablet & when you’re running a successful business - which can happen to you after you have done all the hard work involved & then when you tell people that 95% of business runs on auto-plot & your making money online when your living your life on your own terms. Guess what?....

Even then you will still get naysayers and negative people who won’t believe you because they will research the industry and determine no, it won’t work & give up before trying or they simply don’t understand and people fear what they do not understand.

You will also get people who will expect to start making money as soon as they get started, in other words, they come across an opportunity for making money online, they sign up, they don’t do the work, they see no results, the make no money & then the little switch in their minds will switch to negative & they say this doesn’t work & give up.


PLEASE NOTE: That all of this is possible, I cannot and will not guarantee that you will see results quickly, how long it will take you to make money online or that you will make money online.  No, I am contradicting myself, I am just not guaranteeing anything because I don’t know you, I don’t know your background, I don’t know what you will do with any information or products that you came across.

If you do nothing then you won’t make money. If you do the following then you give yourself every chance in the world of making money online and then one day having a successful business that runs 95% on audio-pilot (as long as the systems that you use are set up correctly).

I will cover here in point format what you need but I will cover these points again soon in more detail.

  • Choose a proven business model & product
  • Invest your time & money into your education that you need
  • Find yourself a mentor
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • IGNORE! The naysayers & The negative people
  • Open up your mind/mindset to the lucrative possibilities available here
  • Fail, fail fast, fail forward & succeed
  • Try, try, try & NEVER give up
  • Do NOT treat this as a hobby. It’s a business - don’t play with it
  • Attend live events

There is a lot more listed above than what I was going to give originally but I wanted to cover as many points as I felt necessary.

These are just points & I will cover each point in more detail soon.

Exciting times ahead for you so do it, go test drive the proven business model, education system & products that I use.

To Your Success

Jonathan Edwards

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