Is Making Money Online a Scam?

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Is Making Money Online a Scam?

This is a big question that gets asked especially when people are researching the industry or the niche of Internet or Online Marketing.  The question being – ‘Is Making Money Online a Scam?

Before I explain why that question is asked.  I want to answer that question myself:

Is Making Money Online a Scam? – NO! Its NOT A SCAM

You can make a GREAT! Living by making online as long you do it the right way

What you need to do

  • Invest in your education
  • Choose a proven, legitimate and scalable business model – Due your own due diligence and research the different business models out there.  (When researching a product check out the business model behind the product or service. I highly recommend choosing one that allows you to test drive the business model first, e.g learnt my education and leverage two proven, scalable business models in The Six Figure Mentors & MOBE.These business services are just two that I personally use and they both offer a 30 day money back guaranteed so that you will be refunded if you change your mind at any point within the fist 30 days.
  • Leverage the business model, online tools and the internet
  • Take Action
  • Work Hard

Apply and test drive BOTH! The Six Figure Mentors and MOBE for yourself TODAY

The Six Figure Mentors  – Application Fee $29.95 30 days then a certain amount for membership (subject to membership level) followed by a small monthly fee of $97.

MOBE – Application Fee – $1 for 7 Days ($48.00 afterwards) or $49.00.

If you do the above then it is more then possible to make a GREAT! Living on the Internet as you read on please keep these above points in mind so that you don’t fall into the scam trap yourself.

Back to the question ’Is Making Money Online a Scam?’ is still asked because people are sceptical about the industry and this is because certain people out there give the industry a bad name

Internet Marketers Gurus – STAY CLEAR

Internet marketers that claim to be Gurus, who claim the following

  • Internet riches for very little work
  • They promise the world for very little work
  • The Big Red Push Button

Lets explore these points a bit further. In fact you can sum all these points up into one sentence : These people give the industry a bad name.  Here is what happens:

People research the industry, the go to Google, Bing etc and type in How To make money online, Make money online, Home based business etc..(you get the general idea) and the search engine results came back.  People have a quick glance and click on one .of the ads , they go through to web site, landing page or sales offer.

These pages introduce them to person who claims to be guru, the site is focused on selling the dream, the site is covered with photos of flash cars, mansions, private jets, helicopters and how you can achieve the same results and become a millionaire over night by signing up and buying a product or service or by downloading a certain piece of software and the most dreaded one, one of my pet hates are the sites that offer the above and to get it all you have you to do is just click on the Big Red Button and you will become a millionaire overnight. – Also stay clear of MLM.

The people that come across these sites, get pumped up, get excited, get the debit or credit cards out, make the necessary purchase or download and then the next day and the day after they check there bank balance and its not improved but the so-called guru as already taken their money and the person who has spent there well hard cash has now got little or no chance of getting their money back.  These people then quit, give up and then reflect on their bad experience.

So as you can see asking the question – Is Making Money Online a Scam? Is a very valid question and why people who research the industry ask the question.

To your success

Jonathan Edwards

How to make your first 10K online!

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