The Power of LEVERAGE

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In her book Daring and Disruptive, #LisaMessenger spoke on how leverage helped her on starting as well as scaling her business.

Leverage means using your assets, knowledge, skills, time, money and relationship to get a mutually beneficial value exchange. Since money is not the only currency, leverage can help us get what we want to forge ahead in life and in business.

The great entrepreneurs use the power of leverage every day to help move them forward in achieving their goals and dreams

To achieve our goals, we need to understand how we can leverage time. There are only 24 hours in a day and successful people understand that in order to get the most out of these 24 hours they need to leverage other people’s skills and expertise to help them realise their goals.

Leveraging other people’s expertise and knowledge is critical simply because they jump you ahead on the learning curve.

Think of mentors for example, using mentors can save you money and time. Having done it before, mentors can show you the shortcuts and teach you the potholes to avoid, helping you avoid the mistake they had made and speed up your results.

All of the successful people we know have benefited from leveraging someone else’s expertise and knowledge, great entrepreneurs recognise the need for mentors, the people they can look up to, seek guidance and inspiration from. My mentors at SFM for example, provide a private community of like-minded members who are either already living, or in the process of creating their ultimate digital lifestyle.

They say if you want to be successful learn from people who have done it before. Find someone who has achieved the results you want, copy what they do and you will achieve the same results.

In todays information age where the internet has changed everything created many opportunities.We must learn how to leverage these opportunities to re-design our lifestyles and how we work.Today, anyone with a laptop and Internet connection can acquire new skills to help them in creating their desired financial freedom.

Somebody’s hindsight can become your foresight. The difference between those who accomplish their goals and those who don’t is that, the former employ mentors who have already done what they want to do and are successful at doing it. On the other hand, those who don’t get their goals achieved take counsel from advisors who would tell them how to do it, but have not personally done it themselves.

When we understand the power that is leverage the possibilities are endless; we can gain access to assets, skills, knowledge, money and influence of others. Leverage helps us multiply the number of hours we have in a day and broaden our horizons as a result.

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