IBOToolBox Review - how do you use IBOToolBox effectively to grow your affiliate / mlm business

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IBOToolBox Review  

How do you use IBOToolBox effectively to grow your affiliate / mlm business

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Are you new to network marketing or affliate marketing and want to find like minded people that could either partner with, join your team and or benefit from your produts?

Are you a new affiliate marketer looking for free leads because you have a limited budget?

Then you need to consider IBOToolbox!

In this article I will share with the benefits I get from being a part of the IBOToolbox community and how you can too.

I must admit at first, I didn't quite get the extent in which this platform could help me when I first joined yet I always do my research and learn how to use and then maximize a platform and in this article i hope to save that time by sharing my key tips.

First off, if you haven't joined IBOToolbox, go ahead and join IBO now for free! Then as you move through my tips, you can literally walk through the platform as you read the blog or watch the video I have imbedded below that summarizes the content of this blog in a video format.

Okay so if you want the coles notes version, here is my video you can watch as you move through IBOToolbox and get setup or tweak your engagement to maximize it. Do friend/associate with me and let me know that you found value in my video/blog!

If however you like written instructions and or tips. here they are with some images to help you grasp the full potential.

1)Build Relationships by completing your profile, using the search function to find people in the area which you would like to connect with or to find out who recently joined and connect with them. With members who have a skype handle take it offline and message them on Skype and have a conversation get to know who they are, what they like, how they found out about IBO, their business and how and if you can help them or you can help each other. Build the relationship instead of pitching your opportunity right away. If you wouldn't like someone doing it to you, don't do it to others.

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2) Video content is king on the internet so share your videos either by posting them on the wall and most definitely loading them permanently onto IBO on your profile. This helps you get more views for your content and also shows that you are adding value to the platform which can attract other like minded business individuals to you. You click edit profile and then scroll right down until you see this section pictured below then follow instructions. 

IBOToolbox Upload your videos

3) Share your blog posts by creating Press Releases or Posting it on the Wall. Either of these functions gets your content more reach. Also, the site is indexed and so it helps to make your content more findable and highly ranked in the search engines plus creating valuable backlinks. To create a Press Release (PR) click  "PR Tool" in your menu on the top right hand side and follow instructions. Avoid copying and pasting word for word content you found or created elsewhere on the web as that actually lowers your SEO. Provide value and unique content and then point them to the other related content that you may have.

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4) Use the Free ads to attract leads to your business. To create an add, click on "My advertising" as pictured above. it's the left column of the menu in the top right hand corner of your dashboard. To create an ad, you have to have a minimum of 100 credits. These credits are gained by interacting on IBOToolBox. For example, you create a authentic Press Release, you get 100 free credits. You can also choose to buy credits if your budget allows. You can also get up to 100 free credits through the free credits offered in the morning and afternoon. See the pictures below the screen shots about advertising. The great thing about this platform, is with the ads, they also show you all the information in the my advertising portal about views, relatives to clicks and you can use that information to optimize your ads.

IBOToolBox Adsundefined

IBOToolbox free credit emailIBOToolbox free credit page on site

The key difference about IBOToolbox is that it attracts only those who are in business or looking to start a business and so this is the ideal platform to connect with other work from home business owners and affiliates.

Please feel free to leave your comments or questions, yet the best thing is to come over and Join IBO and grow your business! 

I hope this blog post with the IBOToolBox Review - how do you use IBOToolBox effectively to grow your affiliate/ mlm business was of value to you.

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