Have you tried EVERYTHING? In order to make your dream come true?

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The day I first thought about starting a business online was a crazy day. I was excited at this prospect of working online and having all the freedoms I have always needed. I remember a rush of adrenaline through my body as I could see myself rich and happy in the near future.

I had already built a castle and helped people as a philanthropist. I even saw myself on my own plane and many more dreams went through my mind in a flash. I knew I had to try this. I had tried it once but I had no one to mentor me.

So here I was, with a mentor and a system that could get me results. What was to be my excuse. I knew I could make it. When I first applied I had a question in my heart.

What was this going to cost me? The dreams looked real and so did the process. From the onset, I could tell this bunch of people were not fakers.

I remember through the process of applying I got to see different requirements. One of those requirements was talking about what I was going to give up in order to make my dream come true. I had to be fully committed in terms of money and time per day.

I soon got an awakening to the fact that this was going to be tough. I love the fact that the SFM community does not beat about the bush about what it's going to take. Hey, I mean its better you know upfront than you making a misinformed decision into something that is going to waste your time.

Throughout this time I considered a few things. I had my salary which could pay rent, transport, and food. Some days I had to walk some of the distance from work in order to reduce the costs. After a few failed businesses I have learned that you have to do what you have to do in order to bring something to life.

After talking about it with my wife we agreed to spare some money to begin this journey. It has not been simple doing it and we have had to hang on and see what comes next whenever things look out of hand. There are good and bad days but we are determined to do what it takes. 

I remember writing to my mentor one day about the issue of money and how I did not have some to do what I needed to do. His answer I will never forget. He asked what I was willing to do to get the money?

"If you had a gun to your head you would find a way to make that money," He said.

I appreciate his way of thinking because I honestly had not tried everything I had at my disposal to make this happen. I resolved that if it meant that I had to walk for a while or hike for rides home I may have to. 

I get emails from, my subscribers,s giving me excuses about why they can't make it. I am a student, I am a single mum etc. 

Write down 10 possible ways you can use to make ends meet:
  1. Take an extra hour doing a job in order to do marketing
  2. Reduce on the cost of my hair products
  3. Learn a new skill to apply?
  4. .......and so on.

The truth is no one is going to want to succeed more than you. You have to want your dream more than anyone else. You have to be willing to do what it takes to make ends meet. 

You can read a book about the ways other people are doing this business. How other people are making it work in their lives.

When I saw at a point that it was going to be tough I decided to think about getting a partner. You could run this business with someone else. They bring the money and you do the technical work. This can also work. 

It is a matter of how you think and comes up with solutions to the problems you have.

Be creative today.

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