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Zig Ziglar often said that Personal Development is like bathing, if you don't do it daily you start to stink.
What do you do daily to develop yourself?

Personally, I love to read and listen to audios, the subjects I love to learn are on business strategy, law of attraction, people skills, sales skills, relationships, personality profiling and learning how learn differently (Photo Reading TM is a prime example)

Over the years I have grown a substantial library and a large catalogue of audios to dip in to as the mood takes me.

If you are not a reader, there a tons of free or for pennies audio books out there, and YouTube for Videos on personal development and motivation.

Feeding your mind is so important, we all have that little voice inside our head, it has been there since the dawn of civilisation and has on many occasions saved us from being food for Saber Toothed Tigers and the such, and to some degree it helps us in the odd circumstances today.

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We all know people that are so negative that if you put them in to a dark room they would develop, don’t be one of them.

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