Inspiration or Desperation: Discover the Hidden Beauty of Adversity.

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For some the very thought of change can create feelings of anxiety and be very unsettling. I’ve heard it said, “No one likes change”. I don’t think that statement is true. It is probably more accurate to say that we don’t like to be forced to make changes. But change can come from inspiration or desperation.


Changes in life that are put into effect of our own volition are easy to appreciate. The decision to take a risk, relocate to a new area or step out into a dream venture, for example, are big moves. While they are big life events and carry with them a sense of disquiet, these times are more typically associated with excitement and nervous energy. The sense of unknown is celebrated and for thrill seekers this can be addicting.

The great ideas and enlightenment birthed by inspiration are momentous. The decisions that follow will mostly be remembered as positive, liberating and pleasant. This is the case even when the resulting life change doesn’t measure up to expectations.

Still we love inspiration and are almost helpless to succumb to the developments and innovations it brings.


This is where the concept of change is vilified. It evokes the bad memory of a chaotic situation. We remember circumstances outside of our control. These situations range from challenging to bleak. It feels beyond our ability to manage.

The idea of being driven to manage the inevitable change due to a desperate condition brings distressing feelings in everyone. We’ve all been there. Desperate times do require desperate measures. This all translates into survival mode.

But the strongest people aren’t those who experience relative fearlessness under the power of inspiration. Rather, it is those who have experienced the chill of uncertainty and, through the course of time, have adapted and flourished. There is a blessing on the other side of your hardship.

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” Mulan – Walt Disney 


In my own experience, I stagnanted in a business that I started 22 years earlier. Circumstances caused me to look back and realize that my business didn't even resemble what I started over 2 decades prior. This wasn't how I planned it.  

Maybe for you it is something similar. Perhaps the economic future leaves little to be desired. Or the thought of spending the next 10 to 15 years laboring in a discouraging job or toxic environment is disheartening. The process of reaching bottom (or at least being able to see it from where you stand) makes us receptive. It has a way of getting our attention.

What was true in my case was that desperation accomplished what nothing else could. In what appeared to be a no-win situation, I was introduced to my mentor, Stuart. The exact iformation I received can be viewed in this Free 7-day video series

It is the trials that often can open our eyes to the possibilities we may not have otherwise considered. Don’t be fooled by times of desperation. Changes will certainly affect everyone in life. I hope you experience both the joy of inspiration as well as discover the lasting beauty of adversity.

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