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Everyone of us knows what Instagram is and since 2010 it has been steadily growing and became one of the most dominant social media platforms. It is estimated that 20% of all internet users have an Instagram account (more than 500 million users!!) From this, many businesses make Instagram marketing as their most favourite strategy to grow. 

However, Instagram marketing has some rules and strategies that should be used correctly to grow a SUCCESSFUl business online. 

What is special about it?!

Thanks to Instagram people make unbelievable sales and conversions. Instagram is a digital branding catalogue and it is so much easier than any other platform to access and because of this, some people make millions of dollars in profit just from Instagram marketing!

So what is the secret??

One of the strategies the experts on Instagram use is the content strategy. This strategy means that you have to post great content, not just content, it must be great. Unlike any other platform Instagram is purely a content platform and to get more followers and quality traffic you have to consistently post great content.

For example here is one strategy with posting content: Aim to create content to provide direct value to your audience throughout 80% of your posts and create promotional content for other 20%. 

Another example: Consistently post SIX posts a day and provide inspiration and value (do not go crazy, being too inspirational sometimes is not good) 

Another great strategy to know is the great use of Hashtags on Instagram. They not only make your images easier to find, but they help you connect with your audience easier and faster. 

Here is an example: Upload an image, make one Hashtag in your caption and after you post it, make 25 more Hashtags in a comment box. (It is the best way to GROW your business for free!) 

Next strategy is having the right set of tools. To have people and traffic to your Instagram page you have to have awesome-looking images. 

Here are some websites where you can design you own post: Canva, Typorama, Wordswag 

Lastly is the ANALYTICS. It is probably the most important part because you have to track what people like to see in your instagram page and what they do not like. Also analystics help to determine at what time to post best and what hashtags are the best. 

Useful resources: , , iconosquare 

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