Is Having a Morning Routine really Important?

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The morning is your most valuable time of day


The morning and mindfulness

We would all love to have more free-time right? The morning is the most special time of the day for having time to connect with yourself. Mindfulness is when you are aware of both yourself and also your surroundings. You are more aware and in tune with how you are feeling. In the morning, mindfulness is very important as the state of mind that you wake up with can influence how you feel for the rest of the day! In our daily lives, we are only mindful of one thing in the morning. Sadly, that is our alarm clock!

What would you include in your ideal morning routine?


Writing a journal or a list of things to do can be part of your morning routine!

Imagine being able to wake up naturally (with no annoying alarm clock) and you rise slowly. You may start thinking to yourself: What would I like to get done today? What would I like to eat for breakfast? What can I write in my journal or what book can I read?

I have two important questions for you.

1) How would you describe your new morning routine compared to your usual routine?

2) How does your new routine make you feel?

For the first question, you might describe your new morning routine with words like productive, healthy and even perfect. For the second question, you might have answered that you feel relaxed and distressed.
So, what changes would like to make to your everyday morning routine?
You might respond, OK I would like to make some changes to my morning routine, but I simply don't have enough time.

I will respond that I completely understand! I know what it is like to wake up, having to make sure that each minute is spent wisely. I would count having breakfast as a "morning routine" that is very successful! I currently work as an interpreter and a tutor so I find myself running out of the house without having had breakfast sometimes. Even if you are not currently, working as you might be a university student, a great morning routine is something that would be quite hard to have I think you will agree. I certainly didn't have time! If you do, that's seriously amazing!

A morning routine while working or studying?


Having free time is important

Do you think that having a morning routine while working or being a student is unrealistic? This question is very important. As many of us do not have the luxury to have a morning routine that includes going for a walk, exercising, reading and so on, we might say that it is actually impossible! Having done some teaching when I did my CELTA qualification, I found it very difficult to do any of those activities. I simply had no time as I was too busy planning lessons and so on. Also, when I was at university, I didn't have enough time as many of you will understand. So, what is the solution?

My question is, what is preventing us from having the morning to ourselves? Why do most of us wake up without being mindful, only being mindful of the time and with our minds full!

Is there a solution?

I would say, having a job and wanting to have a morning routine that is your ideal routine is quite a challenge. I think you would agree that having a 9-5 job and the ideal routine is difficult. The truth is, our work is taking up most of our time. Therefore, our jobs are not truly fulfilling because we are working to get paid, but we are giving away our time which is invaluable right? Many people have found financial freedom and now, money is a vehicle that allows them to have time. Although success is never guaranteed with doing business, I think you would agree that it is worth researching and learning about.

If you want to learn more about finding financial freedom so that you can potentially get time to yourself,  my mentor discusses how you can create an online business. Here you can find free 7 day video series!

So, there you go. I hope that this has been a good read and that it has given you a little insight into the importance of having an ideal morning routine!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post!

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