Is there a future in retail ?

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There is a revolution going on with retail at the moment! Big box retailers dominate the scene in small towns right across New Zealand (and around the world) creating a wasteland in the main streets of our towns full of empty shops. The retailers have created a generic selling experience where people can buy inexpensive goods 8.00am to 9.00pm seven days a week. Pinterest is 24/7 and one of the biggest online shopping malls in the world. These retailers are providing instant gratification at a place near you!

Have you ever thought about how you could complete with these online mega retailers? Let me look at the components of what and how they are selling:

1.       Choice- Instant gratification by providing choice

2.       Ease- Easy of payment and delivery

3.       Experience- Getting you into the zone with a shopping experience choice

Completing against this is not such a daunting a task! There are steps that you can take to get one up on the competition:

1.       Niche-Determine a niche market that you could service with goods

2.       Market research- Find out what needs you could satisfy within that niche.

3.      Engage-In order to build trust with your niche and provide a selling experience, you have to engage with your niche market.

4.       Trust- become trusted within you niche by becoming an authority

5.       Establish effective systems- Put into effect sales systems which will allow you do deliver on your sales and service

Ultimately you will need 3 things-

  • Your mindset communications have to reach out to that niche so you are meeting their mind, showing empathy and understanding in respect of their needs by explaining the qualities of the goods or services you are selling!
  • You have to give an experience that will reach further than the big box and do it online!
  • You can start learning the skills needed for this today!

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