Is your job making you happy?

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According to a Gallup 2017 poll, a whopping 85% of people hate their jobs.  Too many accept that this is as good as it's going to get.  But now, people are starting to wake up.

It is never too late to change, and I'm going to show you how.

I have had all manner of jobs, you name it, but not many of them particularly inspiring. I had my confidence knocked by bullies on my first couple of jobs, aged 15 and 17 - one of them was my boss who I later found out had been blaming me for his mistakes.  Pretty low huh?  But things are now changing and after many years of uncertainty I am doing some seriously rewarding work and dreaming big once again.

Bullying bosses

The bullying impacted my working life and frankly, I never wanted to work again.  So I moved from job to job, doing things that didn't require much brain power or creativity, and earned just enough to get by.  This meant I got bored easily so I job hopped for a long time.  In my twenties I went to a lot of parties and lived for the weekend, the hard-partying was great for numbing the feeling of emptiness I was experiencing.  

The years went by and I pushed aside my creativity which was screaming for attention until I eventually couldn't ignore it any longer and I enrolled for a design based University degree.  I did really well and earned myself a 1st Class Honours degree but still my confidence issues with employers got in the way and so I decided to go it alone.  I enjoyed it some of the time, but I soon found that earning good money for my craft was extremely difficult. 

Craving fulfillment

As I approached my mid-forties I started to feel as though something more was missing, deep down I just didn't feel fulfilled. I was also craving a sense of community, to feel more connected.  There were other worries, I was concerned about getting old and not being able to afford my heating bills.  But the scariest thought of all was getting to the end of my life and looking back thinking 'what was that?'

I knew I needed to address this stuff.  Things had to change.  I remember being a kid and having big dreams and feeling a sense of freedom and I wanted that back.  Almost by accident, I stumbled across a video series online that had the potential to change everything.  This wasn't going to be easy, I would have to do a lot of work and make a financial investment.  But my god am I seeing the benefits now.  Already I am feeling more fulfilled, with guidance and support I am finding my sense of purpose, and I am connected to an incredible community.

You can change

If you want to integrate your work with your purpose, if you want a sense of fulfillment and to massively change your life then you need to take a look at this video series.  It will give you the information you need to make an informed choice, and it could be the first step towards changing your life.  It will take work and a good chunk of money but if you do the hard graft you will reap the rewards.

When I was presented with this opportunity I had a very clear picture of the future I wanted.  I was also hesitant, worried about getting my hopes up in case it didn't work out for me.  But those are old and limiting beliefs that no longer work for me, and I decided to take action and make it happen.  Only you can decide if you want to change your life. Your life is what you make it and you can make it whatever you want. Don't limit yourself. Don't kill your dreams.

I am now merging my creativity with my work and planning travels, I can see my future much more clearly and it looks so bright.  And the great thing is, I'm not doing this alone, I have the support of an amazing community behind me.  I am truly immersed in this journey, going with the flow.  If I can do it, so can you!

Jump in, the water's great!

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