It's all in the Thought!

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Have you ever noticed how life seems to go in cycles?

For example sometimes I feel like I have the Midas touch and everything turns to gold and then sometimes I feel like I'm hitting my head against brick walls and nothing seems to work. 

Last week I was on very low mode, not sad just low. Low energy, low motivation, low emotions really. Feeling like that is not something I enjoy and at the time it wasn't pleasant. In fact I hated feeling like that and I got a bit frustrated about why and also why that feeling lasted a whole week. I just couldn't seem to shake it despite trying to think of things to be grateful for, listening to music and reading positive books (which I couldn't even concentrate on).

Then to top it all off at the end of the week I developed a really sexy stye! So not only was I cranky, now I also looked like an entire wasp's nest had gone to town on my right eye lid. Great, a cranky woman who looked like she'd just got out of the ring with Connor McGregor. Every guy's dream.

I reached my peak of looking hideous on Saturday morning when I woke up. Realising that I would not be leaving the house at all that day for fear of scaring people, I cancelled my hair dressing appointment and decided to spend the day in bed and to just relax. Immediately I felt relieved. Pressure was off...the thought of not having to do anything or go anywhere and just relax made me feel so much better instantly.

Now I know all you parents out there might be thinking oh well aren't you lucky to have that luxury! I know my brother and his wife (parents to a 3 year old daughter and 10.5 month old twin boys) would probably be thrilled at the thought of having a whole day in bed relaxing. So I appreciate that not everyone can do this, but stay with me here.

I felt relieved and instantly better PRIOR to spending that whole day in bed. I felt relieved and better as soon as I THOUGHT I could relax in bed all day. So the good feeling came from the thought, not from the after affects of having had that day in bed. The result was a feeling of peace from the minute I THOUGHT I am going to stay in bed and as it turns out me and my puss filled stye eye had a wonderful day. I watched documentaries and movies and made coconut pancakes and chilled out. Then to top it all off my beautiful friend dropped me off a tub of ice cream in the afternoon to cheer me up. I felt better than I had all week despite looking revolting.

So, moral of the story is...We are in control of our thoughts, our thoughts affect how we feel and how we feel creates our reality. Or said backwards, we are in control of the reality we create because we have created it by what we are thinking! Just like you would think about something and then write it down or draw a picture (it becomes real), when you think a thought you are sending a beam out to the Universe to create what you are thinking about and bringing it into materialisation.

Therefore it's so important to keep on the good feeling vibes by checking in with your thoughts regularly. If you aren't feeling good then ask yourself, what am I thinking about? 

Sometimes the shit does hit the fan and we might need outside influence to get us back on track so it's good to have a positive source of information to go to to pump yourself back up! For little daily reminders and positive notes that can help you, like us on our Facebook page - Freedom Dash or follow us on Instagram/

Keep focusing on your Freedom!

Avalon xoxo

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