It's easy to despise what you value least

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For anyone despising what you value least.

I've written this from memory and is a story from Aesop's Fables called "The Stag".

There was once a stag drinking from a lake. He caught a glimpse of his reflection in the still cool water. "What geat antlers I have: long and sharp, I am proud to have these crown my head." He said.

Then he saw his legs in the same reflection and his pride disappeared. "What stick thin legs I have" he moaned, "they are no use to anyone! I wish I had stronger legs to match my antlers!"

Suddenly he heard the distant sound of hunting horns and the galloping of horses heading towards him. Without a second thought the stag ran as fast as he could to find shelter to escape what surely would be his death. He spotted a wood in the distance and without looking back ran straight into it headlong hoping his pursuers had not spotted him.

But as he ran into the woods his antlers caught on some brambles and no matter how hard he tried he could not shake his head free. After much struggling and kicking his legs, the stag dragged himself free and ran to safety in the woods. As the stag hid catching his breath, he watched the hunters gallop past and on over the hill in the distance. The danger had passed.

"What a fool I've been!" He thought to himself, "If it wasn't for the things that I hated, the very things I had been most proud of would have got me killed!"

He stepped out of the woods and humbly went on his way to find food.


Moral of the story It is easy to despise what you value least.

Take a look at your business, your life and your day and check what you have placed value on.

Have a great weekend!


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