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Last night I had a bit of a freak out and went to bed feeling so upset, depressed and like a total loser who was going no where. Has this ever happened to you? 

Why so melodramatic? Well, last night I was busy working away, creating online marketing content and was browsing You Tube for inspirational videos to give me a bit of a boost. I guess I was already not in the best mindset after work.

My heart sank when every video about self development I clicked on up popped an ad about online marketing and how I could do this. I totally freaked out and thought oh my god the market is saturated, how am I going to do this when I'm still quite new to this and these people are professionals. I went to bed feeling very disheartened, but telling myself that maybe there was other avenues along the same line that I could look into even, if I am not a full time affiliate marketer with this particular company.

For those of you who are tech savvy, you might be laughing at me and thinking well of course those ads kept popping up, it's called Google re-marketing. Der! However if you aren't so in the know like me, the reason is because Google remembers that you have been to their website so these ads keep on appearing in the hope that repeat exposure will encourage you to take action. Remember the average person needs to see something 7 times before they act.

Before being educated on this fact by my more experienced partner Dion tonight in our work session, I had spent most of today questioning everything I was doing, my life, all the decisions I have made, am I a loser, have I wasted my life and my get the idea! 

The moral of the story - it's ok to FREAK OUT! Just don't let it stop you in your tracks. I went to the gym tonight to shake off the negativity, came home and asked my partner about it and it turns out my life is not going down the toilet after all! I can still do this business!

Our website is about to launch, we are booked in for mentoring sessions and I feel more excited than ever. So chin up Charlie, keep going. We got this!

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