5 Keys to being more productive in less time!

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To begin let's talk about Productivity versus time spent.

Be productive! In my view being productive is how much you accomplish, not how busy you are at doing things. 

It is about working with a purpose with deliberate intention and focus. It is not about frantically running and multitasking. 

Your time is valuable so why not learn how to become more efficient and capture more energy and time while accomplishing your goals.

Think about this scenario for an example of how you could drive yourself and your priorities if you were under pressure to get it done: If an MD suggested you only work for 2 hours a day because of your health what would you do to keep your business afloat? To get things done? 

It is an AMAZING thing when the rubber meets the road, and it is time to focus with the end in mind.

1. Never Multitask, Always concentrate on the task at hand before starting another project.

2. Start with the end in mind, this helps to finalize your intention.

3. Don't let the energy vampires have their way with you during the day, Other people will consume your time if you let them. You have the power to allow this or not.

4. Do the most critical project in the morning when you're fresh, You are at your peak performance when the mind has rested, and your thoughts have slowed down.

5. Plan your 8 hour day completing tasks in just 2 hours, Spending focused energy on each task allows you to finish the job in less time.


Good luck with your day!




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