Lifestyle Freedom – The Freedom To … Choose

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Lifestyle Freedom – what does this even mean?  When Googled there are a few different explanations, one being about a system for use in MLM, another about a scam warning, interesting.  Lifestyle Freedom in this context refers to the Freedom To choose your lifestyle, what an exciting prospect!

The days of living mindfully have arrived with force.  There is mindful eating, mindful training, mindful retreats, mindful stress-reduction.  What all these lead to is Mindful Living, which leads to Lifestyle Freedom or leveraging our Freedom To choose.

People haven’t always lived this way, and indeed, the majority still don’t live as though they have the Freedom To choose.  We have been conditioned into believing that life is about being a “good kid”, attending school, writing exams and participating in the sports and extra murals that the school offers.  Achieving a decent pass in order to be accepted into a University program.  On completion of a degree we enter the workplace.  Once in the workplace the next rung of the ladder is presented, to be promoted and grow and develop in our chosen careers.  Some marry, some don’t.  Some have children, again, some don’t.  What we all tend to do, please forgive my generalization, is fall into the debt trap.  Buy a house, which actually the bank owns until we pay the bond or mortgage off 20 some years later.  Buy a car, also on HP, which the finance house owns until 3 to 5 years later.  Make use of credit cards for essentials and often non-essentials.  So we go on, deeper into debt, working harder in our careers to achieve the success, to eventually work so that we are working to pay off debt, never actually satisfied, how could we be?

It is uncomfortable to think of life this way and yet, so many of us do life exactly in this fashion.  I recently saw a quote:  “It’s crazy how some people feel that 2-5 years in a business is a long time to get rich.  However don’t feel that 40 years at a job is a long time to stay broke.  Change your mindset.” thank you Stuart Ross.  Another quote where Gillian Michaels said it perfectly “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”.  A different way to think, a different way to live.  Maybe one that leads to Lifestyle Freedom or the Freedom To choose.

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