Live Your Best Life With Zest

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Life is beautiful and today my friends I want to awaken in you that inner zest, energy and creativity that has been lying dormant after being suppressed by negative situations and disappointments. As a result, you were now operating in the victim mode and your life had become dull, lifeless and you felt lethargic, so you had stopped dreaming and living. Today, let me entreat you to begin to live your life with purpose, energy and momentum, making no apologies and excuses at all.

Dream Big

There is no honour in playing small my friend. You are big and you have big potential and capacity to live that grand lifestyle you have always wanted.

Keep dreaming and hold on to your dreams; visualise them, feel them and act as though you have achieved everything you dreamnt of. A great life is at the other end of  your lived goals. You can't start feeling great when you physically have something. No! You start by experiencing those wonderful feelings already before the manifestation and that way, your journey to an exciting abundant life would have begun. 

If your life goals are just for the 'Me, Myself and I' then they are not big enough. Your goals, dreams and purpose need to be bigger than yourself and they must have a focus on impacting others. A goal that is bigger than the self sphere is a bigger goal. Furthermore, you also need to know that if your dream/goal is not big enough to scare or worry you, then it's not a big one.You need hair raising goals which challenge your intellect and pysche each time you think about them. Such kind of goals and dreams are very good because they keep you on your toes and remain in creative thinking mode.

How can you rest, be complacent, be lethargic and be weary when you have such big goals to accomplish and especially when you know that other people are dependant on you, waiting on you for their answers?

Be creative, dream on and live with a passion. Mind you, the apex of all creativity is a mind full of crazily big ideas that are relentlessly pursued and executed in unapologetic self-belief.

Leadership Mandate

The world needs leaders in different spheres, so by you aiming for bigger goals, you are showing leadership. As a leader, you want to see the success of others, to see others being fulfilled and as you continue doing that, you too become fulfilled in your own life.

The reason why many don't take massive actions to achieve their goals and take leadership responsibilities is due to lack of purpose and with it, a lack of confidence. People are waiting for leaders who can provide them with answers and solutions to the issues and problems they face. That's where you and I come in. We are blessed to be born in such a time as this: the Internet or Digital Age.

Leverage the Internet

It is now very much possible for one to live an awesome life of their dreams, a life of purpose, fun, zest and fulfilment. Gone are the days where you needed to sacrifice your time, family, social life and holidays in order to chase your dreams. In this digital age, you can achieve so much by doing even your businesses on internet while on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

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