Look at the Positive side of life.

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We all as human-beings have had our fair share of bad luck and problems in our lives. I have had them, I'm absolutely sure that you have had them also. The big difference between the Winners and the Losers in this world is how we handle these difficulties. Most people think that if they have a problem then it is bigger and much worse than other people's problems.

The reality is that there are always people who are worse off than you. There isn't even a need to mention third world countries, if you take a look around in your own hometown, I bet you can see people on the street who have bigger difficulties than you. 

That being said, when being confronted with a problem, think to yourself: will I be worried about that thing a year from now? And if the answer is no, then why be worried about it today? Now, when you have kicked worry out of the occasion, it is time to think about the solution. It is always more constructive to focus on the solution, because that gets your imagination working and you might be even surprised on how brilliant ideas may come your way to solve any problem.

In conclusion, please be aware of the fact that if you think you are the only one having problems in life, you're wrong, we all have them. The difference is in how we deal with them. If you take the Positive approach and focus on the solution, there cannot be anything in this beautiful world standing in your way.

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Richard Pulst

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