Make catchy Facebook posts in 5 minutes

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Images are a huge part of every Facebook stream, where they reach our potential customers. 

Even though we strive to pick beautiful and catchy images, it doesn't always seem to catch the eye of our audience, which can sometimes leave us with a feeling that we're doing a lot of hard work for nothing. 

Well, let's spice things up a little. 

Here is an easy step by step method. 

How to make a Facebook post with rotating images and links

1. Go to your business page

2. Click on the button 'share a photo or a video'.


3. Chose 'Photo carousel'

4. Enter your web address in the destination URL and click the arrow to the right

There will now be a picture with a link to the front page of your website. You can also choose to send people directly to a product or blog post. Then simply enter the url on the underside instead.

5. Next to the image, click on the '+' to add an image. Paste an image that belongs to one of your subpages.

6. Hover over the images and click on the "chain" enter

7. Enter the URL on the subpage you want to direct people to. 

Continue until you have a link to all the pages you want in the carousel. 

8. Adjust the captions to make them specific to the images. 

Write a great introductory text to the post and publish your post :)

Give your audience a personal experience

Next time you post on Facebook, try to spice up things a little. An extra bonus to this method is that you can link to different pages on your blog and the reader can click the link that excites him or her the most. 

In this way, your audience automatically picks the post they find the most valuable for them.

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