The Power of Pinterest in Marketing - beginners guide

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For most people, Pinterest is still about knitting, DIY and food recipes.

Well, fellow marketers - that's changing fast! 

Many marketers, and especially men (sorry guys), haven't noticed yet that Pinterest has become a powerful marketing platform. Pinterest is a great tool to drive traffic to your website or your landing page. 

Pinterest is actually a great tool to drive traffic to your website or your landing page. 

I have collected my best tips for getting started on Pinterest in this blog post.

In a future blog post I'll go deeper into the tools and strategies. This post is to get you up and running on Pinterest!

This post is to get you up and running so you too feel the power of Pinterest in marketing. 

Get started on Pinterest today

1. Start by creating a business account on Pinterest. 

2. Get the Pinterest Plugin for your browser (just google it). This will help you pin anything you find online faster. 

3. Create at least 20 boards with 30-50 pins each. This will take some time, but it will give you a kickstart on Pinterest and when it's done it's done. So just do it :)

Make sure to pin your own content (blog posts, images etc.) on to the relevant boards. 

4. Give all of your boards a descriptive title. Pinterest is a search engine, so use the most common keywords in your field. 

5. Give all your own pins a descriptive title (keywords again). You can find some keyword inspiration in Google Analytics or by typing a word in the search bar on Pinterest. Then Pinterest will show you the trending keywords. 

6. When you create your own pins, make sure that they are 'Pinterest friendly'.

This means:

- The image must be long/vertical.

- Put text on the image, so that the content of the pin is clear to your audience when they see the pin in their feed.

- If you have a brand, you might want to use a template with your color scheme, fonts etc. It makes you recognizable and makes you stand out. 

- Always include a link to your website or to the site you want to take people to. 

You can create your pins in software like Stencil or Canva . You do not have to be a pro graphic designer to make great pins when you use this software. 

So these were my 6 tips for beginners on Pinterest. You can be up and running in a day, and then you can start to drive serious traffic to your website.


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