Make Success Inevitable.

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There is one point in our lives in which we question our capability to achieve our goals, ironically enough this doubt often comes because you may simply believe that ‘you are not winning enough’. Once this self-doubt knocks on the door of our consciousness two things happen, one is that you fall into the spiral of self-doubt and failure, or you refuse to accept that believe, and you continue your journey towards your goal. What no one ever says is that the world keeps going, time keeps moving forwards, as I have mentioned on my other pieces of writing, this is simply the inevitability of time, something we cannot change. So, I propose to you the following mindset… Make achieving your goal the inevitable…

You only need to develop one skill further that you probably already possess. The skill to refuse… Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Let me elaborate, when I was in school I remember one Monday morning, we had a guy come to my school to give us a ‘special talk’. He had come over to speak to us about ‘refusal skills’, the first thing he said to all of us is, ‘Remember all of you are able of deciding your own reality’ with such strong opening I started to listen, he then when on to speak about ‘peer pressure’ and all this teen related topics of interest, to ensure we weren’t doing anything we didn’t want to and understood that there is no such a thing as peer pressure. This man then concluded by repeating the same phrase from the start, ‘remember all of you can choose your own reality, refuse to live how others have lived and are living, accept that your dream life and what you want to do is possible.’ Everyone then clapped and he left. To put this into perspective, most us have either accepted a reality that is not ours, we have been living a life that is not ours and are looking to achieve dreams and goals that do not belong to us. But remember all of us have the power to decide our own reality, I chose to refuse the idea that I wasn’t going to be successful, it isn’t a possibility now, I refused to accept I couldn’t compete against the best in the country, I refuse to accept the fact that I had to work on restaurants and retail shops to fund myself to play tennis at the highest level (follow me on Instagram to see my journey through the tennis rankings). You must reach a point in which you are brave enough to say what you accept and refuse as your current reality and your future reality.

Some will never do this as they are afraid, their past experiences tell another story, they have failed too many times before, they are afraid of losing everything if they really go after what they desire. Leading motivational speaker Les Brown once said that ‘your past experiences are not a representation of your future, your past experiences are a representation of your consciousness’ this means that your fear of your past failures becoming a reality once again is what is keeping you from achieving success, you are dictating your future outcomes based on the past, how dare you? Refuse that failure is a possibility, become certain that for you and just you, success is the only possibility.

Try this for today only, live today as if you were already as successful as you want to be, speak like you would if you were already at your pinnacle, think like your reality is success and only success. Try it out, test it, and see the changes. It is a difficult concept to understand to begin with but you don’t even have to understand it beforehand to apply it, understand whilst you are applying and through your experience, this will only help you achieve but are you brave enough to eradicate the idea of failure out of your mindset?

Take care high achiever.

Efrain Herrera

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