Making Mistakes Gracefully

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I just want to share with you what inspired me.... I have a sneaky suspicion that it may speak to you too!

Last night I was on a Wake-up call with one of the SFM coaches and he was talking about making mistakes! (join the wake-up calls after you sign up )

I raised my voice and said, "I don't have enough confidence to show the world that I am not perfect." With his passion for helping others succeed, he built my strength to believe that making mistakes is GOOD! It means that you are TRYING!

So today I have gained the courage to proudly share my mistakes with you. Because today I am ok knowing that I make mistakes every single day! And today I know that making mistakes is nothing to be embarrassed about!  Making mistakes is a learning experience - if you use it in that way!  So here is the proof that I'm LEARNING! 

Today I made a mistake! 

A mistake I would otherwise be embarrassed to share, had I not learned a huge lesson from it! 

Today I let fear overtake me! Today I had put time aside to spend with my friend who just recently lost her husband at a very young age! We were going to spend some time at the spa with a nice drink of champagne!

However, I suddenly got cold feet! What if, she would need me to answer questions that she has that I don't have the answer to? What if she needed me to support her in a way that I am unskilled to? What if she needs a shoulder to cry on but I won't do a good enough job of it? And the list goes on! My fear spoke louder than logic! I got scared to go with her alone so I came up with an idea, which I thought was a brain wave, I invited another friend to join us so that the burden gets shared between two! 

I realized I had made a big big mistake when my friend (the one who lost her husband) gave me some lame excuse as to why she won't be able to join us! OUCH!

If I tell you I felt terribly guilty, it would be another mistake, because I cannot explain the guilt that enveloped me and completely took me over! 

I sat down on the nearest chair, did some deep breathing, composed myself and said, " Mirelle, make this a learning experience and let the guilt slip away"

I picked up the phone, then and there, apologised profusely, but mainly just listened to her rant and rave what a bad idea it was to invite another friend as she is not in the mood of soicalising and having fun! I told her that I made a big mistake because I wasnt open enough with her! 

We had a long chat about what she was expecting from me and suprisingly enough, all she wanted was ME!!!!!!! Now if that's not an eyeopener

Now if that's not an eyeopener then I dont know what is!

Sometimes we have a fear of the unknown because we give ourselves messages that we're not good enough or that we're not experienced enough when all we have to do is show up as our true authentic SELVES

Now do yourselves a favor and don't make the mistake today of depriving yourself an opportunity! Click on the link and sign up for free.

Cannot wait to meet you in the back office
xxx Mirelle

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