Mantras. The Key to Training your Mind.

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Mantras can propel you forward. In Science, there is a term called Neuroplasticity.  What this means in plain English is this.  The brain has the ability to change.  A Neuron is basically a pathway like a high way and its branches are the side streets called dendrites.  Let's say your learning how to type.  Where is the "V" on the keyboard?  When you're new you have to look down and then press the key.  With practice, your neural pathways groove(create a road) and you could write a paper with your eyes closed.


What does this have to do with mantras, my brain, my beliefs, and my actions?  What we suggest to our brain on a consistent basis is what it believes.  Fact!! Good or bad. It's like the Matrix it doesn't know the difference between the dream world and the real world.  So you can essentially trick it into believing your mantras even if you do not have physical proof in front of you.  Disclaimer this takes an undefinable amount of time.  Patience grasshopper.

My rules of thumb on mantras.  Do them daily in the morning, say them out loud with emotion, spend at least   5-10 minutes, and very very important!!  State them in the positive, please:) 

My Mantra's:

  • I'm amazing and successful
  • I have a beautiful sweet supportive girlfriend
  • I believe in my ability to accomplish my dreams
  • I make 100 thousand dollars a month
  • I am a highly sought after well paid Motivational Speaker and Coach
  • I am a Black level SFM producing online marketer
  • Building 2 empires are fun and challenging.  It feels good and the Universe has got my back
  • Within 3 months of this blog post, I will be making 10 thousand dollars a month with my Businesses
  • Helping people have what I have is the greatest gift I can give
  • I take action on my goals every day

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