Modified Wheel of Change for starting your online business

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There are days when you cannot think what to blog about that is new in online business and then something crops up in a completely different context but you find that you can adapt it to suit your needs.

This happened today.  Whilst on a study day we were introduced to the Wheel of Change for Addictions.  We looked at New Years Resolutions and the changes we aim to make.  Someone looked at losing weight, I looked at my retirement in 18 months.  It was then that I saw that 'This Wheel of Change' could be used to look at behaviours in ourselves and how we go through different changes when setting up an online business.

Stages of Change


People in precontemplation stage have no intention of changing their behaviour for the foreseeable future.  Therefore the future will not change for you.  There can be no improvement in your relationships or health.  Your financial state will not change for the better.


Contemplation is the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.  Deep reflective thought or the state of being considered or planned. For example you have an artistic flair and wish to set up a business either online or offline .


The action or process of preparing, putting together, thinking up, drawing up,construction, composing, arranging, developing, learning or researching your business.


The fact or process of doing something; typically to achieve an aim.  Having made a decision of what you are going to do, completed the preparation required and now actively working through your plans setting up your business.


The process of preserving a condition or situation or the state of being preserved.  Maintaining your website and blog.  Review and improve your adverts to maintain an income from your online business.


If your business websites or blogs are left for a period of time without any new content  ( this can be day/days, week or month) then your customer base can be seen to deteriorate after the initial period of building your business.  You could find yourself back to square one.

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