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👉One of the most interesting and easy to invest sources of alternate income is making money online. There are many opportunities available to choose from. You can start making money in no time and it is easier and more accessible than any other source of income. All you need to start making money online is a laptop, an internet connection and in some cases a camera with a mic.

👉A blog started as an electronic diary, but now it has evolved into a full-fledged information source. A blog is a collection of short or long articles known as blog posts or blogs. You can make your blog on any topic. It can be a collection of your thoughts on your favourite sports team or your favourite TV shows. In your blog, you can talk about your favourite restaurant or how to cook your favourite dishes.

👉There are many platforms that offer easy blog creation, like WordPress and Blogger. You can start with a free blog or purchase a custom domain name and host for your blog. Blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger have made blogging easier than ever and modern blogs are really a work of art.

👉A blog can bring in a decent second income. The most popular source of generating revenue from a blog is by using Google Ads. Google Ads will display relevant advertisements on your blog and generate income for you depending on the number of views and clicks on each Advertisement.

👉Another revenue stream from a blog is guest posts or banner ads. You can make money by allowing other businesses or blogs to post on your blog, or you can charge them by showing their Ad banner on your blog.

You will need:

A domain name -- $8 to $15 annual cost.
A blog hosting platform -- $30 to $300 per year.
A nice blog design which you can make yourself or hire someone to do it for you -- $50 - $300 one-time charge.
Blog Posts or Articles. Write yourself or get a running start by hiring a ghostwriter -- $10 to $80 per article
Signup for Google Ads -- Free
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