Should your career define you?

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Do you think that your job defines you?

Our job is generally something that we do with the majority of our time so it's only natural that in a way we kind of become our job, or at least other people see you as that. Do you ever get described as the dancer, doctor, bar maid or architect for example 'oh this is my friend the doctor' and only then your name follows. I have to admit I have even been guilty of it when introducing or describing people, it isn't meant in a rude way but it's just generally what we have fallen into the pattern of doing.

Also do you notice if it's a role that is a bit different, or seen by society as 'a better job' that you get a different reaction (maybe more interest for example). I say this as I have a friend who is a doctor and whenever I talk about her or introduce her I do mention that she is a doctor, not to show off her job title but simply because i'm so proud of her as I have seen how much she has gone through to get to where she is at now. But should it matter? 

Nope it shouldn't its just a perception that we get sucked into. When I tell people I am a dancer I always get 'oh wow thats amazing' as people see it as very glamorous. Which in a way it is when you have the work but the struggle of searching for work everyday and auditioning and competing with so many other dancers to me isn't so glamorous. Don't get me wrong that is my choice and I love my dancing, but how you may perceive something may not be all that it seems.


How do you think your job defines you?


* Your time 

* Your free time

* How people see you

* Your salary

Yes the above are all correct a job does provide or come with these things, if these were the only things we did I would say yes our job defines us end of story, and for some I know it does so that is why you may feel this way. But they aren't, if we could have a career in all of the interests that we have we would have several jobs. 

There is more to us then just our job title, It may be something we do but we can do lots of things. We could be a dentist in the day for example and then go home and be a dad in the evening, and then a bit of a chef preparing dinner.  

So.... lets think again does your job really define you?

If we look at it this way for the simple fact that when you meet someone socially and spark up a conversation do you know exactly what they do or do you have to ask? 

You ask right?

Therefore my little point is proven. A person has so much more to offer then just their job title. Therefore I don't believe that our job defines us but that we define our jobs we decide how we do them, we decide what job we will go for, and if we want we also decide when to change. We are chameleons of OUR choices, of which we have many.

So if your not happy with what your doing or don't feel like you have enough time also to be more you, just see what you can do to change it so you don't keep on feeling like your job defines you. You want to really be able to enjoy what you do. I opted to start my business from home to carry on doing what I love with my dancing, so if you need any advice on home businesses then please don't hesitate to message me or you can find more info here.

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