My Money Story In A Nutshell

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For many people money is a difficult subject. It’s one of those things that goes deep with people. It can be that you don’t make enough money to make due. Maybe you’re even in debt. People like this often try to make it seems like they have more than enough money. There are also people for which the opposite is true. They have a lot of money, but they also try to hide the fact that they do.

Why is this? There are a variety of reasons and most have to do with fear. Being scared to seek help, being afraid to damage the ego, being afraid that people might make assumption about you based on your wealth.

Since a year or 2 ago I’ve been increasingly interested in personal finance. In January 2016 I bought €10,- worth of bitcoin hoping that the price would rise enough for me to one day order a pizza or something. I started following the growth of Bitcoin on a Excel spreadsheet and that’s where it all started for me. After that I started to track my income, my expenses and learn more about how I could manage my money properly.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that most people (me included) managed their money poorly. Only a very small percentage of people follow basic money principles which are very easy and will safe you a lot. And why? Nobody ever teaches you about money! It is a taboo subject. People are scared to talk about it and so they remain poor.

Since I’m 2 years down the road now I’d like to share some of my experiences with you about money. I’m not a certified financial advisor but I can tell you what works for me.

You can follow me on my Facebook page ( or on the blog of my website ( on my financial journey through life. I’ll go over the importance of goalsetting and how I set mine, I’ll share my vision about saving and investing and show you what I do. I’ll share tips and tricks that you can implement today in order to improve your financial situation and I’ll share my resources and people that I look up to when it comes to money.

First up next Tuesday and Thursday will be goalsetting and I’ll share my goals for 2018. So stay tuned for that!



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