My Purpose

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I Am The Freedom Giver

We have only two choices in life.  We can just randomly follow along and let life happen to us, or we can choose to attempt to direct events, or as least direct our reaction to events!

Some time ago, I sat down and wrote out a series of statements about my purpose.  These can be thought of as mantras to be repeated every day to help train my subconscious in positive directions.  I hope you will also write out your purpose, and use it to better direct your life.  My purpose may change, but that's okay.  I suspect yours will too. 

  • I uplift each person I meet.  I empower them to become the best they can be, to discover and achieve their life’s purpose, to obtain the freedom they desire — health freedom, financial freedom, time freedom, freedom to love, etc.
  • I perform regular exercise and regular spiritual practices following my higher guidance to keep my body, mind and soul strong and healthy.  Each day I am energetic and enthusiastic.  My enthusiasm and up-beat attitude are contagious.  Each day I become more loving, compassionate, full of confidence, a better communicator, a better listener.  I thank God for all my blessings.
  • I am prosperous.  My attitude and activities each day attract money to me in abundance.
  • I set aside ego and allow spirit to help when appropriate and I am grateful for all help received.  I ask for spiritual and physical help rather than feeling I have to do it all myself.
  • No previously known specific actions are needed in order to succeed — only decision, focus, belief, faith.  Inner (and outer) guidance show me what actions are needed, and I take action and follow through as appropriate until my goals are achieved.  Next I set new goals!
  • I hope this helps you!
  • A T BELL
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