Never make a decision out of anger

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As a boss I always had to make decisions, even to make decisions to allow someone else to make decisions. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions was the name of the game while at work. Some decisions were simple, but some were hard to make. Sometimes the simple fact of making decisions made me feel important, but some other times I would feel like: "seriously? no one can make a decision around here? why does it have to be me the only one that has to say something for things to happen around here?" O'common, don't look at my picture on the side of the page, and critize me for it. You've done it too! As a matter of fact everyone does it, even if you are a stay-home-mom or dad you'll find yourself making a decision and not only will you think it in your head as I used to do, but you will complain out loud...Oh, but see? It is not the decision-making part that is the problem at times, it's the being angry when making a decision that give things a whole new meaning and adds more complications to the initial situation or circumstance for what you were asked to make a decision.

From experience, I'm telling you, I've been on both sides of the line; if you don't believe me, simply keep in mind what I just said, and watch the outcome of your decision especially when you are upset, but don't expriment too much. 

If you are upset at the time of making a decision take a moment and think things through, perhaps breathing in and out, counting, or stepping outside to get a breath of fresh air. You will find out the outcome of your decision-making a lot more favorable for you and for everyone else. 

A few months ago I had to make a really tough decision, not for someone else, but for myself. A choice that involved getting me out of my comfort zone and move on to something else, something different and that claimed to be promising and rewarding.

If you find yourself on a similar situation, and you think it's time for a change, take a few minutes for yourself. While you do that, check the video down below, and see this is something you would consider. The digital market is changing the world, become a marketing entrepreneur. Don't make a decision now, take some time, and then make a decision, hopefully not out of anger...

Good luck!

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