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For a little bit more than a year ago, I got the opportunity to catch a dream. I love horses, and live in Sweden. Its dark, grey, wet and cold. Not in the summer, but the summer is short. So a lot of people that rides, or own a horse dream of a manege, a riding hall. Sorry I tried to translate the swedish word and got some confusing translations, so I don´t know if this is right:) 

This time I was thinking, and thinking and then I thougt; Sometimes you HAVE to take the step, to DARE, to catch the Opportunity when it flies by. I was alone, I had loans already, and it was REALLY SCARY! 

But Im also a stubborn one. So I decided to make the JUMP into the onknown. Since then I have worked ALL SPARETIME with thinking, reading, looking for builders, taking loan, tried to figure out how to do things cheaper. The paperwork nearly killed me! The discussion with authoritys about what is farming or not. The authoritys doesn´t think that horses is farming. And it is rules around bulding permissions which is different and cheaper at farms. 

Anyhow, it was there I started my trip, my journey to my NEW LIFE! The life where I listen to ME, and do things, scary things, but things I want to try. Things I dreamt of, and wanted to do. 

For example. I really felt that my work was good and important, but the leadership and changes had been to the worse! I felt fed up with that. I felt uninspired to be there my remaining 10 years before retirement. I felt that it wasn´t sure, that I could do the "things I want to do" when I retire. 

Maybe I dont have the money, or I get a disease, or even die? Is it worth it to WORK 40 years, and then do your dreams when you are old. Shouldn´t you live your dream all time? 

I was struggling with my building, work and then I tripped over SFM. How to make money with online business. That sounded good. I was sceptical though. As a police officer I thought that it could be fraud. I checked it up, used another computer to NOT get malware when clicking on links. Really funny I think today! 

However. I started the journey, I haven´t reached the goal. What is my goal? I dont know. For a start it is to quit my job, to work for myself. To use the TIME for things I LOVE. Not have to queuing every day. Work from the beach, from London, Paris, or from my riding house!<3


But my goal is also to help others to find their dream. To help them make it come true! Their dream can be travel, or money, or maybe to move to France. What do I know? We all have DIFFERENT DREAMS. But I think that mostly, the dream is to help, to live, to love, to have friends. And THAT is analog, or offline! 

So due to the massive rain, the bulding has been put on hold for a while, which was good, so I could work with SFM, affiliate marketing, to educate myself. I still work as a police, but I sure have PLANS! 


But speaking of friends, one big bonus is that I get a lot of new friends in SFM. And then where people live up in the north of Sweden, or in UK or Canada, then it´s relly nice with internet, isn´t it!? 

So if YOU have a dream that you don´t have the courage to catch. Think it over one more time. What can you lose? Do you die if you catch the opportunity? No, then just DO IT!!! That is my advice to you. It is the start of a wonderful journey to a new exciting joyful life. The travel can be bumpy and winding, but what the heck, it is a part of the journey that you also shall remember and appreciate! 

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But don´t forget to LIVE OFFLINE!

Love from Anette


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