How to sell your online marketing problems

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No #2 most frequent problem in online marketing is creating a good ROI for your investment.

What can be worse than investing money in your marketing campaign and having no results in the end? 

There are too many marketing problems nowadays, but the biggest struggles and difficulties are the ones that are directly linked to the potential customer.

Most of the common problems are linked to: the low conversion rate, the un-optimized SEO and the wrong targeted audience. 

However, there are two easy steps to follow in order to understand your problem and to find a solution in a short time frame. 

1. Pitch the Problem!

"Pitching is a priority."- Tom Hicks

To pitch a marketing problem means to hang it on the wall. A problem is like a crazy snake moving continously from one side of your head to the other. There is no way to solve a difficult marketing problem unless you pitch it first.

In the moment that your problem is fixed on the wall so that it doesn't move, you're solution should start moving.

Therefore, step one is to block the problem.

Step two is to look for the solution around your problem.

Do not solve a problem thinking towards the problem, but rather think from the problem point of view. 

By definition "problem" means "a matter involving doubt, uncertainty or difficulty." It is not the same to say that you want to avoid the problem or you want to find the solution, which is exactly what you are supposed to do.

2. Brainstorm it!  

Write down all the solutions that comes to your mind. Anything that could help and is related to the problem. 

For example: When did it happened? How the problem arose? What triggered this situation? Who is the most capable of dealing with it? 

Brainstorming is a great method of finding solutions while you working with a team. The good news is that if you are a lonely wolf, you can do it by yourself.

After gathering more than 10-15 answers to the problem you will start cutting off the irrelevant information. Afterwards, you will use the best 3 information streams left on the table. 

Make sure you don't spend too much time thinking about the problem because you must be focused on the solving process.

Now you have the top 3 answers. Ask your problem this quesiton:

"Which solution would you like to buy?" 

The problem is pitched so it will listen to you. You can understand what "the problem" wants. Remember that there is no bad issue that comes into our lives without teaching us something or indicating something we may have missed before.

By matching one of the answers with the problem you will decide based on the information that you have, which of them is the most suitable to your problem. By connecting the information stream to the cause of the problem you have created the solution.

What you have actually done was selling the solution to your problem. When you sell your solution to your problem, that problem is sold as well. 

What's the catch? 

Problem and solution always walk togather holding their hands. You just have to find out which is the hand that the solution is holding to the problem.


So what's the No #1 problem in Marketing? 

The No #1 Problem in marketing is generating traffic and leads. The most expected challenge in 2018 for online marketers is the traffic and leads issue. 

Would you like to find the solution to your challanging marketing problem of 2018 ?

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