People Make You Or Break You.

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One of the first lessons in management that I learned in my early days as a young manager was taught to me by one of my mentors James P. Walker, or as I like to call him "Jimmie"

I remember him telling me in a fatherly voice: "Marie..., remember this always: people make you or break you".

Besides the message being true, it can also be fullfilled instantly. You treat someone the right way, with respect and dignity, and the recepient responds back with the same treatment. On the same token, you treat someone disrespectfully and not only the recepient responds negatively, but you have the whole world against you in a matter of minutes!

In my thirty years plus as a manager, I got my share of people that made me, and people that broke me. Every time I meet with someone that had the chance to make me or break me, in some way made me the person I am today. Choose wisely!

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