Personal Leadership

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What is Personal Leadership

If you think about Leaders who have had a massive impact on changing our world

Mother Teresa

Nelson Mandela

Mahatma Gandhi

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Abraham Lincoln

What did all these people have in common

All of the above displayed a high level of self-mastery, They knew what they wanted, they choose their future and made it their lifetime commitment. The question I ask myself, am I the master of my Life or is it my lives habits that are mastering me? 

All of these super leaders ran there lives in line with their integrity they knew their Why, they all wanted to create a life of Impact, to change the world, and in doing that they were constantly changing themselves, with the enormous challenges that life was presenting them with, everyone was working from the inside out? what does that mean?

All these Incredible Leaders lived a life in alignment with their core values it was there core values that drove their life and work I can imagine they must have been asking themselves.

Am I living and working with Integrity right now.

Am I living the type of person I claim to be?

Am I preparing for unexpected challenges?

Am I taking steps to overcome the challenges in my life?

Am I someone others can count on?

As humans, we have the ability to choose, to take control of the day, and I believe that's what the majority of our population believes they are doing, they believe they are making these choices with there conscious decision making brain, that's driving their life. It is not. Habits drive your life, it is the sub-conscious habits that are part of the brain where we believe the Neurol networks are the strongest, and that is where your habits reside.

If you look closely at the results of your life this will give you an indication of the type of habits that are operating in your life, are they disempowering or are they empowering habits what do your results tell you? Take emotion out of it just look at your results.

John Assaraf explains in his book Innercise, calls it your Autopilot life.

Your Autopilot life

Those ultrafast responses-the instincts and automated ways of thinking, feeling and acting that serves so well to keep you alive and running efficiently ---come with a cost though. They run most of your life and thus in many ways you are more or less a collection of habits, many of which you're barely aware of. Your life, in other words, is largely on autopilot. This is called automaticity and it's why you keep getting results you don't like; over and over again. When you think. feel. and act the same way, when you are habituated to stay the same way, your life turns out the same way too.

What works for me is asking myself questions

Have I a clear, written vision for what I want in my life?

Have I identified the limiting beliefs that may be holding me back?

Am I working to replace those beliefs with supportive ones?

Am I upgrading my Knowledge and skills to build my confidence?

Am I taking small consistent action steps to build more self-trust and confidence?

Am I changing my disempowering habits and replacing them with empowering habits?

I believe Personal readership is about your personal responsibility to yourself the ability to respond.

To achieve more you must be willing to move past your existing belief system which may be limiting you from achieving greater things not just for yourself but for others. Repeating the same thing over and over again is not enough you have to continually push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone by doing this you start to extend your comfort zone.

You have to learn to become comfortable in very uncomfortable situations.

Choose your future and make your life a commitment to creating your lifestyle that you desire.

Ask your self this Question Am I interested in creating this lifestyle or am I committed to creating my lifestyle. Interested = Excuses, Committed = Results. All of the leaders that have been mentioned all displayed incredible personal leadership the ability to lead from the inside out and to be any type of Leader you have to start with mastering yourself when you achieve that anything is possible.


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