Petting at work

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Walking in the administration building of university a man passed me in one of the halls. He was dressed in brown pants, white and blue checkered shirt and a blood red bowtie. Next to him was a brown cocker spaniel dog. He was in his mid-fifties wearing thick glasses. I knew this person had to be a lecturer and professor of some kind. His dog next to him was not on a leach as it walking faithfully next to him.

Upon my inquiries, somebody at the dorms told me about this professor and his dog. Apparently, the dog came with him to university, had his place in his office in front of a fireplace and even accompanied the professor to lectures. The professor was involved in rugby coaching as well and his dog never missed a rugby practice, frolicking around, chasing after the ball and students during practice. Of course, a dog being exposed to so much intelligence would be extremely clever and should have obtained a honors doctor's degree, silently absorbing all the information required.

This brief encounter puzzled me and I raised the viewpoint during a business management lecture in my final year that all working people should be accompanied by their favorite pets. Carefully considered and pondered this many times I came to the conclusion that the following are reasons why pets should be allowed at work:

  • A person working, while having your favorite pet next to you, rooting for you, adoring you, loving you would naturally be happier and would then be more productive. Is this not what businesses should create? Happiness for those being served and serving the particular business?;
  • A person leaving a favorite pet at home experiences feelings of separation, anxiety, and longing. This feeling is carried to the workplace and leads to destructive behavior towards work and other people;
  • All negative emotions feel like emptiness, a void or loss of something. Having their pet at work can comfort a person which will result in a positive atmosphere;
  • The owner’s pet is completely on your side about everything, supporting you, rooting for you, wanting your love and attention. Is this not what many people lack in their lives? Why should all these beautiful things not be allowed in the workplace and left only for after the 8-to-5 day? ;
  • A pet owner has an advocate who is trusting him or her completely. Is this advocate not missing in many people’s lives?;
  • A pet is with you, aware of you, knowing you, inspiring you, flowing ideas to you, resulting in true upliftment that can only benefit the corporates.

My ideas were frowned upon, even after I explained that a professor at this campus is doing exactly that. My argument was met by the stereotype response, keeping the status quo alive and kicking. “What will happen if everybody does this?” “Well then everybody would benefit and the world would be a better place”.


I was fortunate to work for myself and in my business, I opened my business doors to my employees’ loved ones and pets. I encourage them to bring their loved ones to their workplace. I am loving my home-based office provided to me by my digital business and petting at work makes me a happy online entrepreneur.

Thank you for reading

Louis Munro


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