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Shifting the mind-set will make all the difference.

When I first realized what I wanted to do for myself, I was confident that it is all I wanted in life. I was motivated, and for a moment I was there; happy, free, and in control. Only soon things started to slip away; my motivation began to wear off, and I was not giving it everything I had.

 What happened? What went wrong? What changed? and, what was it that made it go away?

This is when I realized that motivation was not enough. Something else was missing and I needed to educate myself on this subject.

I soon learned that shifting the mind-set is most crucial when it comes to setting yourself on a life changing journey. Your mind-set is what keeps you on track. Without the proper mind-set, one couldn’t go too far in life.

Shift the mind-set to align your desire with your dedication, and your dedication with your discipline, only then will you gain momentum towards your goals.

How many times have you decided to do something, and never got to it, or quit shortly after starting?

Often, we set ourselves on a mission, but then we stop pursuing that mission. Take a minute and ask yourself Why? Why do we decide to go down a certain path but then end up nowhere and with no results?

When we initially make decisions, we base them on emotions that were provoked at the time we made that decision. We did not set our mind to be aligned with that decision.

Shifting your mind-set will require you to constantly remind yourself of why and how you got yourself on this path in the first place? You need to stay focused and conscious.

Knowing what you want and working towards it constantly, is the way to stay focused and conscious about your mission. In other words, be determined and committed.

Your unconscious will always fight back and feed you with the non-sense which you are bound to believe, but the truth is, your unconscious is just trying to put you back into your comfort-zone; because that’s how the brain is designed, to protect you.

That’s not all, your expectations play a vital role in the process when shifting the mind-set. You need to set your expectations right and to do that, you have got to be realistic, you have got to accept failure, and you need to understand that things might not turn out to be as you hoped for.

You cannot succeed unless you fail, you cannot fail unless you try, and you will not try unless your mind is set to take the pressure. There is no easy way; convenience and inconvenience are inseparable.

This is when I decided to take control and ownership for my own actions. I took drastic measures and recalculated my steps, and it has made all the difference for me. I had to shift my mind-set so I can be coachable.

At this point I shifted the mind-set to focus on self-development in areas that best serves me and my business and this is when I was introduced to my mentors at the SFM.

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