How To Play Drums With 3 Million Stick Tricks

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In this blog, we're re-visiting my third YouTube video: a drum cover of Delinquents by a band called Woe, Is Me. This song stood out to me at the time after seeing it played by one of my favourite YouTube drummers, Luke Holland.


Drum video three: [&] Delinquents - Woe, Is Me

Creativity Overload..

At this point, I was buzzing about YouTube. The first and second videos both pushed me to take my playing to the next level. I was learning more video skills, more drum skills, and going crazy on stick tricks. I was in a growth headspace, and that meant getting excited and turning everything to 11.

Tuning to one of my main inspirations, I had the idea to visit Luke Holland's audience on YouTube by trying out a song from his long list of work. I learned the song and went to work building on it, refining the performance and using the opportunity of it's simple style to fill hundreds of gaps with the all important stick tricks.

Check out the original inspiration video below!

Luke Holland plays Delinquents in 2010

As you can see, Luke makes it seem fluid and effortless. As I found out though, it's not as easy as it looks. I had to practice for many, many hours in order to create the video that was posted to youtube, although through the work, a lot was added to my playing and my performing style, maybe even too much..

Pushing The Boundaries

On this particular song, I was able to focus on ambidexterity and linear drum fills. I made sure before learning any tricks that I had the song down tight and that adding visual flair wasn't going to encroach on the sound or timing of my playing. I was entering a new level of my ability and playing at a high competency that felt completely foreign. At 1:50 in the video I totally dropped a stick, managing to both catch and recover from the drop without much of a hiccup.


A stick leaving my hand and the top of the video at 1:50

I was just about punching above my weight, but once again managed to pull it together and record a solid playthrough of the song. The first video had a clear intention to connect with Northlane, the second video was made to win a contest, but this one was the first that didn't really have a purpose. I filled the gap in the motivation by throwing everything I had into the ring.

The track features a lot of fancy footwork and very involved drum fills throughout, making it an interesting and entertaining journey on the kit. I started to notice certain things about my own playing that were unique and consistently there. This was an important moment in the early journey to see what was truly possible. I honestly think I did too many stick tricks in this video now that I look back on it, but it was a big trend at the time and it was entertaining to firstly learn a complicated song, and then build another layer onto it by creating a visual performance.

Monkey see, monkey do

3 videos down, 3 existing YouTube videos emulated in my own style, adding my personal value to the mix. I had gone from student to performer very quickly, but I was still very much in the learning phase of my journey into the musical domain. I was finding that the best way to learn was to listen to and watch my favourites on repeat, and then I filmed myself playing what I had learned and posted it.

My channel was gaining momentum organically, and an audience was consistently being generated. I had tapped into something important, and I'm still learning what that thing is.

I hope you found this interesting and valuable in some way to your journey. I am sending out thanks to a lot of people that shared a lot of great comments of support with me on the video!

Next Time...

Next time, I play Blink 182 on my new Dark Horse Percussion drum kit which I won off the back of my second video. To read about that, click here!

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Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time. Xx


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