Power from Progress

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Whatever situation we find ourselves in, there always exists a powerful motivator in life that can be accessed by anybody at pretty much any time. The name of this motivator is progress!

In the following clip, Tony Robbins highlights this truth and explains the difference between changing and progress. People don't need to work on changing. Change happens to people in many ways all the time.

What really motivates people is not change but progress. Step by step improvement no matter how small. It is the inspiration that can be gained by saying "Today I am a little better than yesterday and tomorrow will be even better".

Even people in the most awful situations can gain power from progress. Hope and inspiration can come from that simple thought. The video clip is actually a new year message from a few years ago, but still very relevant. Enjoy and then read on..

Power from Progress

So as we can see, when we realise that by consciously heading in a particular direction and congratulating ourselves for even small incremental improvements, then there really is power from progress.

It is very easy to browbeat ourselves over set-backs. The antidote is looking out for regular inspiration and becoming aware of forward progression towards an objective. This is the key to gaining power from progress.

It is important to take focus away from what should have or could have been. Those thoughts rarely help anyone. Instead, awareness of forward progression, no matter how small the steps, produces feelings of accomplishment. A test passed, money put aside, a friend made happier. It doesn't really matter what it is.

This doesn't just happen automatically though. We have to train the mind to look out for progression. The mind is actually predisposed to spot danger and focus on the negative rather than the other way around because we still have a part of the brain literally fearing for our lives, from constant attack by predators or other marauding ancient humans.

So get used to looking out for the little (or large) daily progressions. It is great for the soul! Click here for another post on getting a productive mindset and how being prolific can positively affect most desired outcomes.

Until next time!

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