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A Fresh Look at Fundamental Change in Middle Age

What does retirement and pension mean to you? Perhaps you haven’t given it much thought yet.  If you are in your 40’s or 50’s (or thereabouts) and anything like me, maybe you don’t feel anyway old enough to be dealing with it

Maybe you should consider a completely different approach - one in which acknowledges that the world is changing.

You may want to consider what I am saying here as it could well lead to a lifechanging decision.

I was in my forties when the pension issue arose for me.  The British government changed the rules to allow pensions to be withdrawn at age 55.  I hadn’t paid into it since the late 1980’s. Nevertheless, there was about 25k in it.  Hardly going to sustain me into old age

In any event I happen to believe that 50 is middle aged not retirement age!  What will sustain 30, 40 or maybe more years.

The option could have been to front load a pension pot – use the money for today’s quality time – to fund some imagined future. Thats making a huge assumption about what is affordable for people, especially with Teenage children, like me.

My corporate job has already eaten into the real quality time that I would prefer to spend with my Children.  I don’t want to build up a stock of regrets to age with. Worse still, having the awareness that for sure I will have regrets if I carried on like this is a form of madness.

I am no longer prepared to be anything other than the Father I want to be.  My relationship had already been damaged by the work regime that I had followed since our children were born – and my eldest is nearly 20!

I knew this much.  I had to break this cycle before it was too late to head of the regrets that were inevitable.

So, where do you look? 

I had a Management position in a Multinational Company and moving jobs would not make any difference to the hours lost or the possibility – likelihood – of having to retire or be retired at some stage. Multinationals are bought and sold and also tend to locate where governments entice them. With all of the uncertainty that Brexit and the threat of trade wars and protectionism, anything was possible.  More of the same wasn’t an option.

I had a fire in my belly in my teens. I was audacious enough to start a small Freight business when I was 19.  I kept it going for a couple of years but ended up back working for others in the corporate sector. That sense of wanting to go it alone never really left though, so self-employment was definitely on the agenda.

I had awareness of platforms like Shopify and other eCommerce options, but with no great clarity around what I would sell or promote. There seemed a bit too much 'sink or swim' about these options and all seemed predicated on some digital training or at least knowhow.

Starting a ‘traditional Bricks and Mortar’ business seemed far too risky and, in any event, would have been very capital intensive. Again, trends are changing. The old industries, including retail are in flux.

Personal Development as well as Business Growth

I started looking at motivational videos on YouTube with people like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor for inspiration and even considered joining either of their Coaching programs.  I have believed for many years that mindset is crucial and finding a purpose would require being positive and setting the right routines.

Six Figure Mentors

I can count on one hand the times that I have watched one of those adverts that pop up before or during a YouTube video. Nevertheless, I found myself checking one out at the beginning of a Bob Proctor video and Dan Holloway from Six Figure Mentors – SFM.  (more of Dan and the SFM later) was talking about how he left a well-paid corporate sales job to start his own online business.

Dan had also watched an advert on YouTube and followed his instincts by enrolling with The SFM educational and coaching platform.  He spoke of how they teach people with no prior experience to build an online business through Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce.

I had the most basic understanding of Affiliate Marketing.  Its where you can promote other businesses products.  Of course, first you must learn how to effectively market online and present the products to potential customers by placing ads on websites such as Google, Facebook and of course, YouTube.

That was the learning absent from the Shopify and other online business ideas that I had seen earlier.  Here was an opportunity to learn and earn while checking out the option that would best serve my needs.

Of course, I did the due diligence on the SFM, researched more into Affiliate Marketing and discovered that most of the largest companies in the world sell their products through affiliates, who receive commissions on each sale.  This is a fast-growing industry.

The other option with the SFM was with eCommerce.  This is as straightforward as the affiliate option. Over USD 160 billion was spend with Amazon last year on products placed there by entrepreneurs, who are often home-based businesses.

This model only requires that the entrepreneur buys a batch of product which is then fulfilled by Amazon who handled all the sales, warehousing and shipment to the customer – and collect the payment. They then pay you. Of course, there are tricks of the trade to be learned here and ways to scale a business to the required level and that’s what SFM platform offers.

As a 50 year old guy, I had the sense to realise that true wealth lays in quality time and setting that aside in the hope that I would have enough money – never mind energy! – to carve out the kind of lifestyle myself and family deserve at some ill-defined period in the future wasn’t going to cut it for me.

I filled in that form, watched the video series that was complimentary with it and dived into starting my own online business. The first day of the rest of my life.

I am creating this lifestyle today and will ensure that it is sustainable for as long as I regain the passion for it as far into the future as I want it.

I am back in the entrepreneurial zone and I like it.  I now bring passion and energy into building something for myself and my family and not on somebody else's timescale.

If you recognise any of this and understand that it makes good sense to check out the options for people like us, then do you own due diligence on all of this

Put your name and email address on the form on this page here and I will send you the same video series that lead to me leaving the corporate world behind to create a life I have designed.  These are complimentary. The banner below this text also brings you the same series.  I know you will get value from them.  There’s lots of other free material as well, as it best to be as informed as possible. That’s what I did.

My Banner

I would not have subscribed to anything that I could not easily unsubscribe from. I don’t expect any less from you. If this isn’t for you, one click will unsubscribe you and we can shake hands (virtually) and you won’t hear from me or the SFM again. That’s a promise. Nobody likes spam.

The first set of videos that do come from the subscription are a 4 part workshop series that will give you more information about the different business paths, mentoring and education that are available to enable you to set up your own online business.

The world of work is changing and those of us in our 40’s and 50’s and thereabouts need to think about what we really want from life – what is our ideal day and who do we want to spend it with

Real Wealth should be measured in quality time and we need to head off regrets before they happen.  We all deserve to become the person we want to be,

I look forward to seeing you on the other side of that form…


Allure Naturally is Vincent Wood's online business.  It’s a Passion not a job.



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