Public Speaking: Mastering the Art of Effective Public Speaking - Part 1

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Public Speaking - An Art



The art of Public Speaking is firstly what it is, an art. We humans are born into life, naturally craving to communicate. For instance, babies cry to get attention. As soon as kids learn to speak a language, they tend to use any opportune time to communicate with people close to them. Children tend to say it as it is. They do not really care how their sentences are constructed. Not until they get to the point of being corrected by their parents, teachers and others. As adults, we are very much aware of the need to communicate effectively in public. We are ever more conscious to this need as we grow older, and as we continue to realise that we live in a world where we need to communicate effectively to people.

Why learn to be Effective Public Speaker?

 Some love speaking in public. Some actually crave to speak in public. Others know they have to speak in public, as part of their job, profession, career, work, or other activities. Some do not want to speak in public at all. Some feel they have no choice. Whatever our disposition, effective public speaking is an art that all should embrace because, sooner or later, any one may be faced with the opportunity (or challenge) of speaking in public. For instance, you may be called upon to make an impromptu speech at a gathering of family or friend. What would you do then if you absolutely dread public speaking?

The truth is, effectively public speaking is something to be loved, if we approach it properly, if we view it in the right perspective, and if we put in some advance work, such as preparation. One of the things I have been absolutely delighted to do is to train and mentor people in the art of effective public speaking.

 Whether we want to remain entrepreneuers with free lifestyle, business owners, dedicated employees or employers (no matter who we are), I feel that effective public speaking is an art to master. 

Steps towards Effective Public Speaking

So what is the key to effective public speaking? What steps must be followed? I will cover a number do’s and don’ts in this and future articles or blogs, so watch the space.

Step 1 - It all starts with the Mind

With our mind we can think deeply. We need to think about What, Why, When, Who and How regarding public speaking?

For instance, if we have been assigned a topic to speak about in public, we need to think about the questions:

1.       What does the subject matter entails?

2.       Why is the subject matter beneficial or timely?

3.       When will the delivery of the speech take place?

4.       Who will be present as part of the audience? What is the demography of the audience?

5.       How will the delivery be structured? What delivery style is to be adopted?



1.       So start by preparing your mind with the above information.

2.       Make some preliminary research  to find out the answers regarding What, Why, When, Who and How.



1.       Fret about the prospect of public speaking.

2.       Panic if you do not have all the answers to your questions about What, Why, When, Who and How.


I will cover additional steps on effective public speaking in future articles, so watch the space.


 Thank You.

Chuck Matthews

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