Raving fans- do you have any?

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Raving fans! What is a raving fan. Well, its a customer who is loyal to you and your brand who will not only consistantly buy from you but tell others about you.

One of the top questions you you need to ask yourself if you are in business is "why sould a customer buy from me" and "why would they choose my business". There has been lots of research on this and looking at why do customers change their vendor or supplier and not choose to stick with you. Yes, a persentage of people will leave because of price or the product is better somewhere else but that isnt the number one reason. The statisitcs consistantly show that (70%) the number one reason why customers leave a businesses is the perceived lack of interest or in difference to them. That they dont care.

So what are you doing to create a remarkable experience. What are you doing to create a difference rather than a perceived indifference. This video gives you some simple littele things you can do to create that loyalty you need to retain customers and ones who will altimately tell others about you and be a raving fan

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