Remote Working beats Wasting Time

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When you look at that line of cars in the picture above in the dreary dusk of the evening rush hour, you can only hope that there is some decent music playing and not just the woe of the 6pm News.

We will leave aside the arguments about pollution and congestion for another day.  Its the human impact that is focussing my mind.

Thankfully, we are witnessing the quiet and steady growth of the flexible workplace.  By that I mean where smart employers are facilitating - no encouraging, More employees than ever to work remotely.


The 1, 2, 3 or more hours spent commuting in big cities - and from commuter belts into the cities - is time you will never get back.  It can be a slog getting down the stairs to your home workspace I suppose, but its a pretty poor excuse for not picking up your emails! 

Its cheaper too.  The cost of public transport is soaring and driving (as the picture at the top of the article clearly shows) is a real challenge. Its also an expensive option and one which is being made prohibative by City managers. They are right of course.  The negative impacts of this congestion are well known. 

Progressive and, it has to be said, financially savvy companies are increasingly looking to remote working as an option for many employees.  This is particularly true where it is the task that the employee has to complete that matters and not the geograhical location where they happen to be carrying it out..  Good managers are (or should be) good at setting tasks.  As long they manage that process and measure accountability accordingly then its a win win for employer and employee alike.

Embracing flexible working practices does not mean that the employee never comes to the office. There are good reasons to meet as a team from time to time. Perhaps even some balance between office based and home based work would suits some companies and their employees  It could even be a pleasant change to head to the office.

Talented employees, faced with a rigid company structure insisting on 9-5 office attendance in the face of growing evidence that this is not productive, may well start looking at options that work better for them.  This type of quality employee expects a better life. If companies dont measure up, they will create their own.

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