Why Running A Business Is A Marathon And Not A Sprint

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A business is a marathon in five crucial ways

It seems to be a well-used statement to say that running a business is a marathon and not a sprint. It sounds nice, and indeed it is a statement that brings your attention. However, what does it mean when you say that a business is a marathon. There are thousands of articles trying to explain in different ways why it’s a marathon you’re into, and they are all right.

Even if you have never run a marathon, at least you have an idea that it is something that takes time to do, but usually, the imagination stops there. It’s a good start, but why does it take time?

Being both a passionate marathon runner and an online marketer, it took me 21 marathon races to get confirmed that a business is a marathon.

As always you have much time to think about during a marathon race. Finally, during Dallas Marathon a few days ago it all fell in place, and I got it very clear and identifiable. Not a lot of fluffy words about the topic, but why a business is a marathon and not a sprint.

Five Reasons Why Running A Business Is A Marathon


The following is not a complete list but the five most crucial points to get right in your business. Can you believe that a marathon race helped me to come to this insight?

In my previous article, before my 21st marathon in Dallas, we analyzed the similarities between a business and marathon training when it comes to getting started. In this article, post-marathon, we are going to confirm why a business is a marathon. It’s not based on theory but on my own experience.

Follow a proven training program and stick to it

It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of following a proven training program. I have seen so many people failing with their marathon goals because of the lack of a program. They just go out and run on pure instinct. If taking the marathon training seriously, with a lot of long-distance sessions involved, you will be very exposed to injuries and demotivation if you’re not following a professional program.


These programs are based on experience by professional runners. For sure, they have made a lot of errors before writing down the training program. They share these failures and configure the training program in such a way that you won’t repeat the same mistakes.

When going through different training programs, you will notice one thing very quickly. It takes time to train for a marathon.

When starting my online business, I didn’t know much about it. Probably it helped me to not doing it on my own, but searching for a program that could guide me through the whole process. Fortunately, I found a very professional program making me confident to get started.

Then something happened....