Selecting the Optimal PPC Strategy for Your Internet Business - Part 3

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Fellow IM & eComm Pros, so far in this series we have explored the "Three" Questions" we need to answer before embarking on our PPC journey as well as the two basic types of PPC ... "Search" and "Content". So what comes next? Answer: "Content". In fact there are 5 types of content every PPC ad should contain for maximum benefit. First, a clear a compelling "Headline" ... ideally which points to the avatar's need and your value proposition. Second, a brief "Description" including customer need and the benefits of your solution. Third, your "Display URL" (most commonly the URL of your home page). Forth, the "Destination URL". This should be the URL of the specific product or service page (or Landing Page) which provides the prospect full details of your solution. Finally, the "Call to Action" (aka the action you desire to prospect today .. typically clicking here to either "Opt-In" to your email list or "Purchase" your solution. Hope this helps. If so, kindly take a moment to sign-up today for our Free Trail by clicking here now ( See you soon. Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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