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You as well as many others that like to make their own income or sales in general, have probably come to a point where you have asked yourself "How can I make side income or full income without having to hunt or compete for another job". There is a way and it's selling online just as Amazon has.

Amazon is the leading online market to date making $1,084 per second earning a total of $34,204,000,000.00 and the BIGGEST NEWS is that it doesn't even own a majority of the products it markets, it's just businesses uploading their product to the site and Amazon getting it's share of the profit. So how can you do the same? Affiliate Marketing is the main engine that keeps digital and real life businesses running in the current social/digital age. What is Affiliate Marketing? It's earning commission by directing people to sites, or earning commission from sales made from the site, using products that you promoted.

The difference with earning commission through Affiliates online and a regular job is how on how many businesses you can sell for in 1 day. Example: Having 1 sale for a regular job will probably earn you 10% commission for that day, but if you make a sale for 8 businesses you promote in 1 day, obviously you increase your earnings 8x for that day.

HOW TO GET STARTED: There are Online businesses that have programs for your services way underneath of each website like Wal-Mart that says Affiliate. Find where it says Affiliate or promote for us, click on it and it will redirect you to the Affiliate Program it is Partnered with. Many Affiliate Programs have a "how to start marketing online tutorial" but won't help with how to exactly carry that out, so do some research on how to place, and create Ads. Remember also that getting people's email is very important so they may stay as a costumer you can promote to again. Using a Mentor site that teaches Affiliate Marketing will give you the right methods, and is really the best way to get direction, like SFM (SixFigureMentors.Com). It'll help that you start on the right path, knowing how to market, and get help when you are at a loss of ideas or where to take your process. There are many sites to choose from that offer lessons, and direction but make no mistake, Affiliate Marketing is just like any job. You are going to have to work hard to make progress, and make something of yourself.

WAYS TO MARKET: You can start by creating a social media account and referring people to visit your account and click on your product you're marketing or Blogging/Vlogging so people who land on your site will browse around, read or hear what you have to say, and be likely tobuy what you're promoting. People are not just going to come and buy your product off the bat though. You have to detail the benefits of your product for them to consider if it's even right for them.

PICK A CATEGORY: Don't just sale everything you can get your hands on from every category. Though you might think it makes sense to do just that, its actually just setting yourself up to fail. The flaw in that is that you have to provide real hard information about your product and choosing every product to study will have you all over the place, less informed then doing the actual research, and slows you down. You'll just be repeating the obvious and people are not interested to see, hear or read what they already know. Pick a catagory to perfect like Clothing, Cosmetics, Autoparts, Entertainment, Gaming or Wealth and in time you'll be able to move on to another category to conquer.

Remember That success won't come in a week or a month, it takes time, hard work and research to come out successful. If you get stuck coming up with ideas remember to use the internet to search what you're looking for. The internet is more then just looking at Youtube Video and Porn sites.


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