Setting up Your Promotions

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This article is all about setting up your promotions and why you should do this at the beginning of your appointment instead of at the end.  We are going you to talk about the psychology behind why you talk about your promotions at the beginning instead of the end.  What we will be covering the following.


.  When to talk about your promotions

.  How to present your promotions

.  Why present the promotion at the start of the appointment?


When to talk about your Promotions

Talk about your promotions after you have set your agenda.   Ask the customer a couple of question.

                1   How did you get in touch with us?

                2.  Did you see the current promotions?

Finding out how a customer booked an appointment is important.  Here is a list of the most common on types and what this can tell you about a customer:

1.1.   Recommended:   Ask follow up questions about who recommended the company?  What did they say about us?  This is allowing the customer to express positive things about the company.

1.2.   Website:  This tells you the customer is probably going to be comfortable with using technology.

1.3.   Showroom:   The this will tell you that people like to see what they are buying.  A very visual Person

1.4.  Phoned in:  Keep an open mind this could mean anything

1.5.  Physical Add:  Most likely verbal type people.  Make sure you ask them if they have the add?  What was it about the add that made them call in? 

Then ask the big question did you see the current promotions?


How to Present your Promotions

Show a sales memo or document showing the current promotions.  That’s it.  It is that simple. Why?


Why present the promotions at the start of the appointment?

The reason you present the promotions at the start of the appointment is to gain trust with the customer.   Present them at the end and you will build mistrust from the customer.   Don’t worry if the customer reacts negatively to the promotions.  You have lost no credibility.   The reason for this is because at this point you don’t really have any.   What you will achieve is the customer will be thinking about those promotions all the way through the appointment and will want to get the most out of those promotions.  You will get them to start to think about buying. 

How do you present your promotions?  Please share below.

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