Sharpen The Axe To Reach Your Goals

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Sergei VanBellinghen in racehorse morning training - 1992 Florence, Kentucky  

Like any athlete or successful person, you need to sharpen the axe to reach your goals. It Means working smarter and more easily by preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have - You.

At 15 years old, when I was a racehorse jockey, there would always be an influx of new apprentices on the race track after the winter months as they had set a resolution to become a racehorse rider. Of course, most of the new kids on the block would be gone by the summer as they did not have a line of attack or a daily plan if you prefer to keep focus on their goals.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” - Abraham Lincoln

Making a decision to become what you want is a beautiful idea, but it is just the beginning, still just an idea.  

Discipline Yourself

Does that mean that you need to discipline yourself, make changes, read all the good things there is on your subject, feel positive, get healthier, etc.? Yes correct.

The fact of the matter is that sharpen the axe to reach your goals, will give you the opportunity to make positive life improvements, build an appropriate plan that would be established before moving towards an objective.

As a jockey, I had already, at a young age, to keep my weight down, the reason being for the next years to come. I had to spend time in saunas, I had to be careful of what I ate, and it took me a tremendous effort not to give up as I still was growing up.

It meant having a balanced program for self-renewal each day in every area of my life.

If you have professional goals, then sit down, think of a plan, write it down and be specific.  

Sharpen The Axe To Reach Your Goals

Do not simply wish “Okay, I want a better career,” instead of wishing something, be productive and say something like, "I will create my own business and work on it five times a week, or I will read a mastermind book from another leader in my field and learn for one hour each day, or I will join proficient groups, etc."

After saying it, don’t let procrastination in, act on it, and do it by following your plan!

As you sharpen yourself in molding a new you, you progress through development and change in your life. Sharpen the axe to reach your goals keeps you crisp so you keep on growing.

You build your ability to create and handle the difficulties around you. Without this sharpening, your body gets to a point of being ineffective, your psyche becomes routine, your feelings turn into basic, your soul comes to be indifferent, and your individuality self-centered.

Not something to really look for, is it?  

The Priorities of Life

In life, there always are priorities as to reach well-being:

  • You can restore yourself by winding down or you can absolutely burn yourself out by overdoing it.
  • You can spoil yourself emotionally and profoundly or you can experience a careless life in regards to your well-being.
  • You can create your own life or you can postpone and pass up a great opportunity for you to succeed.
  • You can sharpen the axe to reach your goals and face another day in peace or you can get up in the morning brimming with indifference on the grounds that your get-up-and-go has up-and-gone.

Since the day I was born, I have lived in the company of horses, thoroughbreds to be exact, made for races. In the first part of my childhood, I grew up in a small apartment over a stable where my father worked as a racehorse trainer.

Being a horse jockey was a difficult task, not because of me not liking the job, as I loved horses, but because of my body having to starve whilst it was still developing.

After being too heavy, I went on to being a horse vaulter.

Today, I travel a lot running a business online also called laptop lifestyle.

Why? I got started online because I wanted to have freedom, build a business I love and enjoy life while travelling. I have created this life as a sort of haven for myself and my love ones.

Simply remind yourself that daily consistency gives you another chance to sharpen the axe, meaning your mind as well as your body – it is another chance to reach your goals as opposed to hitting a barrier. All it takes is the yearning, learning, and aptitude.

Feeling great doesn't simply happen. Carrying on with a balanced life implies taking time to remold yourself. It's entirely your choice. What is your next move to sharpen the axe to reach your goals?

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