Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy Digital Business Training and Systems

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Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy Digital Business Systems

Freedom Mompreneur by Design JoAnne | Digital Experts Academy Black Level Member | Six Figure Mentors Elite Plus Member

Hi, JoAnne, here, and in today's blog, I would like to introduce you to the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy Digital Business Systems

This is Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, founders of the Digital Experts Academy.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

As two of the world’s most successful digital marketers and business system creators, they have decided to partner to share what they have learned with the individuals and businesses just like you struggling in the traditional economy in this very uncertain time and looking for alternatives to generate additional income and improve their lifestyle.

What is Digital Experts Academy?

Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy

Digital Experts Academy is the world’s first digital marketing academy for individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals, specifically aimed at helping them transition from the traditional economy to the booming digital economy.

It is an academy led and support by digital experts who have and most importantly continue to succeed in the ever-evolving digital market. Stuart and Jay, founders of the Digital Experts Academy, work diligently to continue to scale their training programs and resources so that they can help thousands of individuals, traditional business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals transition from the traditional economy to the digital economy every year.

Since the launch of DEA in 2012, it has exploded with growth. As a result, we have begun aggressively expanding our global team of independently licensed resellers adding hundreds of new affiliates every month.

Never before in this most uncertain time has it been important for each of us to seize opportunities to be in control of our economic outcome. The question that remains is:  Do you have what it takes to claim your piece of the digital gold rush?

Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy

How does one Cash In On The “Digital Gold Rush?

Simply put; this is by Digital Arbitrage which is briefly illustrated in the image above. With the increase in speed and ease of online transactions (you can now shop in the Facebook Messenger... wow!) leads to opportunity for digital arbitrage is created.  Digital marketers capitalize on this opportunity by connecting digital buyers to sellers and solutions around the world, getting compensated with affiliate commissions.

Introducing The Six Figure Mentors
The Six Figure Mentors – An Exclusive Digital Marketing System and Community By The Digital Experts Academy

Imagine being a part of an exclusive, private community of digital marketers.... Well joining the “Six Figure Mentors.” is just that and more!


- getting access to the same turnkey marketing systems that are specially designed, developed, and use to sell DEA (and many, many other products online.)

- being a member of this exclusive community of Six Figure Mentor affiliate marketers and licensed resellers who have collectively generated over $100 million of sales online

- learning how to become a master connector as a digital marketing expert, a skill that you can apply to ANY business or activity

- location independence that allows you to work from anywhere in world, only needing a laptop and a good internet connection…

The Six Figure Mentors

What is the Six Figure Mentors

The SFM (Six Figure Mentors) is an elite, private community of digital marketers leveraging a proven** automated “Digital Business System” and offering a very unique online education by setting you up to start earning while you are still learning.  (**real talk: even though the system is proven, results vary depending on you the individual as the effort you put in is what will make or break your level of success. In simple terms: The system works if you do your part and do the work.)

This complete out-of-the-box “DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM.”  that you are given as a result of being a member of this elite community gives you the ability to market and leverage our digital marketing expertise for your own benefit.

The training, support, tools, coaching, and community you will have access to as a member of this system is second to none having transformed countless lives since the Six Figure Mentor’s inception in 2010.

How to Join the Six Figure Mentors

How to Join the Six Figure Mentors

Are you wanting the opportunity to work with the best digital marketers on the planet, earn lucrative commissions selling a powerful, in-demand product line that millions of individuals and businesses are starved for, meanwhile controlling and securing your financial future by transitioning oneself to the digital economy?

Are you someone who likes to help and give value to others?
Are you self-motivated and driven?
Are you coachable, willing to learn new skills, and hungry?
If you answered YES to each of the questions above, read on for further instructions.

If NO, Unfortunately, the SFM is not for you.

Did you know that more money was made by the suppliers to the age old Gold Rush than was made in the Gold Rush itself?

So when considering being a part of the Digital Gold Rush, would you want to position yourself as a supplier or just a player?

Now, let's get this out in the open if you are

-looking for a “get-rich-quick” money scheme or have a lottery mentality, the Six Figure Mentors and DEA is definitely not for you.

-kicking tires, looking for the easiest way to make a few bucks, our exclusive community, training, and masterminds are not for you.

-  not of utter sound moral character and have little desire to do good in the world and truly help other people and businesses,  your application will be rejected.

Kindly understand:

Only focused, dedicated and highly motivated people will get the most out of our exclusive, private community and “Digital Business System”.

There are no guarantees to how much income you will make with our systems as it’s truly contingent on your ability to do the work and follow through. What we can guarantee is the access of the exact same business system we use to make millions.

This is not a “make money” game “biz-opp.” or “click button” scheme.

Now if you truly understand that and are the former and not in the later, we welcome your application to our community by clicking the image below:

Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy Digital Business Training and Systems Application

A word from Stuart:

You’re about to discover a proven, sure-fire way of creating and living the most incredible “digital life” you could ever imagine.

We’re about to offer you a chance to work with us; partner with us, so to speak. What you will learn are skill’s that will make you a person of power, value, and respect.

These new skills you will learn will be…

…Skills that will make it impossible for you to EVER be broke again.

…Skills that will give you the ability to experience things in the new digital world, that the average person will only ever dream of doing.

Have you woken up to what’s happening in the world around us?

This opportunity is only for people who are “paying attention” to what is happening in the world around us… people who are able to let go of their mental “safety net” type of thinking, that the world we’re living in now, is the same world were living in 10 years ago!

This opportunity is for the small minority of people who’re willing to accept that… the digital revolution has changed our world, and it’s never, ever, going to change back!

Consider this! Over 20 years ago almost nobody had even heard of the internet – if you asked someone what a domain name was in 1991, they would have looked at you a little funny.

Today we do everything online – from banking to communicating and connecting with long lost friends.

Really it’s not just the internet. Our technology has become so advanced that we have machines that are replacing human workers. (e.g.: MacDonald now has machines taking orders in many of their locations)

And it’s happening everywhere… do you remember when “humans” used to work as “Toll Booth Operators” or even just answer the phone at a business you called??

Well, that’s history now. We have incredibly efficient machines, i.e.: artificial intelligence, to do these jobs now.

Do you recognize that it’s not just a case of human workers being replaced by machines? In fact, entire industries are being wiped out too. You can’t turn on the news right now without hearing about another big company on the verge of collapse or making huge job cuts. Do you remember how many big retailers have gone out of business and or severely pair down their business in the last 5 years?

Hundreds of thousands of people are set to become unemployed over the next 12 months… think, what will it mean to them, to our word, our economy…to you…

Well let’s list a few consequences:

- More workers for a smaller pool of jobs will lead to more competition for jobs? … for your job?

- Higher unemployment rates lead to fewer people having money to spend leads to companies suffering from reduced sales. could this affect the company you work for?

- Higher unemployment means fewer people paying taxes which leads to lower government budgets. Do you work for the government? Have you already seen the downsizing and cutbacks happening?

So what is your choice, you could choose to put your fingers in your ears and keep your head buried in the sand, ignoring what’s happening around you, and if so that’s fine, it’s your decision.

Or you could, choose to Wake Up and take control of your life, your digital life! You could Wake Up and design a digital life you love by being a part of our exclusive community, masterminds and accessing the training and systems to master the art of selling products online, be it yours or other people’s as an affiliate.

Why is digital marketing an invaluable skill to have in this day and age?

Think about it, once you’ve developed the skill sets needed to successfully sell products and services online by leveraging our systems, you will be receiving daily commissions into your bank account of $500, $1000, $2000, $3000, even $4000 dollars a day… day in day out … Most importantly because it’s a system, you are not stuck behind a desk for a traditional 9-5 and can now leverage the skills and systems to take back the clock and enjoy your life!

That’s why in fact, we consider this not just an invaluable skill but a MASTER skill!

…What Better Skill Than That Would You Need to be Truly Successful in this Digital World?
As we’re already seeing, online sales are expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. There will be hundreds of thousands of products and services online that people want to buy.

Imagine mastering the skill of connecting the people who have products to sell, with the people who want to buy them… so with that in mind… you can literally create as much money as you desire, in this new Digital world. As Robert Kiyosaki says you would be “printing your own money”!

When you have this MASTER skill, the beauty of it is:

-You don’t need to make your own product.
-You don’t need to be a good sales person.
-You don’t need any particular great talent or ability.
-You don’t need to have great customer service skills (unless of course, it’s your product or service).

What Happens When You Possess The Skill Of Being A Master Digital Marketer?
Once you master the skill of Digital Marketing, you’ll find out quickly, that the product doesn’t really matter that much. All you’ll ever need to make money is a way to get online, plus the knowledge inside your brain.

All the money you could ever want can be yours, why?

There will always be products online, and there will always be people who want to buy them. The only essential X-factor is the SKILL of bringing those people together. And that is the SKILL you will learn with the Six Figure Mentors. This is how we’ve made millions, and how some of our students have become millionaires.

The process of making money is so easy!
Once you learn the skill of digital marketing, you’ll just spend your time (using the simple tools we’ll give you) to find out EXACTLY what people are buying right now.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll then sign up for the product’s affiliate program. Using the tools we give you to locate buyers for that product, you’ll bring them together… and, for your trouble, you’ll get paid a commission instantly, straight into your bank account…time after time, after time!

The best thing about all this is that the whole process can be systemised, which means you can set it up to work for you automatically. This is what we do, day in and day out. This is the life you can live when you MASTER the skill of digital marketing.

In A Way, Digital Marketing, Is a Lot Like FISHING!
(Perhaps It Will Become The New 21st Century Past Time?)

Computer Money | Make Money Online

Just to give you some type of idea of the amount of money available to you right now: Digital publishing company Clickbank has paid out over 2.2 BILLION dollars in commissions in the last 10 years to digital marketers. Can you imagine getting a tiny slice of that? Mastering the skill of digital marketing, means, no matter what, you and your family will always be okay financially.

Even if you lose all your money.
Even if you lose access to your products.
Even if your marketplace dries up.
Even if your current product gets made obsolete by some new product.
None of it will concern you in the slightest. Why?

Because products are ten-a-penny in the world; especially in this new digital world. However! what is rarer than hen's teeth right now, are people who know how to find winning products and bring those offers to people who want to buy them. That is a skill that we estimate less 1 in 10,000 people possess.

It's like a quote I heard the other day…
The Art of Good Business Is Being a Good Middle Man
So true. Now all this may sound really simple, (and it is!), but it's not easy.

The reality is that most Internet marketers today, i.e. (affiliate marketers), never make any significant money. The competition is fierce, and commissions are minuscule. Do you want to know the main reason why they struggle?

Quite simply, it’s because they try and learn how to do everything on their own!

Here’s What Makes The Six Figure Mentors Different To Everything Else Out There!
At The Six Figure Mentors, we don’t just teach you the skill of how to become an effective digital marketer, then give you a certificate you can put on your wall which you can show to your friends. Our method of teaching actually helps you put money in your bank account; whilst learning.

What Makes the Six Figure Mentors Different

Here is just some of what you get with the Six Figure Mentors if you qualify…

You’ll be given:

Live support and guidance.
“Easy-to-follow”, “do this, then this”, instructions from experts who are actually making money online right now in the Digital economy.
High-quality products you can be proud of that people are eager to buy.
Nine powerful potential income streams. (Letting you have “multiple streams of income” — for ultimate financial security and wealth building.)
A large commission on each sale — to start making real money (or simply replace your current job income) as fast as humanly possible.

A sense of ‘relief’ that comes with making recession-proof profits. (Six Figure Mentors students have seen record growth of during the current “great recession”).
Your own copy of our fully integrated, “turn key” system that generates your leads and then closes and sells them for you — AUTOMATICALLY on AUTOPILOT. (We spent half a million dollars building and perfecting this from scratch – you can use it right out of the box as part of your membership.)
The “back-office” support of a professional call center with highly trained business coaches doing all the “grunt work”, selling for you. (No personal selling — ever!)
Step-by-step instructions from beginning-to-end showing you exactly what to do. (No tediously long “learning curves”, frustration or struggling to figure things out.)

Access to unlimited email, toll-free, and live chat support if you ever need it. (We don’t just leave you “hanging”, we WANT you to succeed.)

Access to our “member’s only” forum. (You’ll be a part of our growing community with many of the world’s top home based business owners – including millionaires who work with us – all, freely and generously sharing their knowledge, experiences, and ideas.)
Massive income potential. (Obviously we cannot guarantee your income, as that’d be illegal and unethical, but this system has generated $100,000 to $500,000 in direct and passive income in less than ONE year for some of our members. So the sky truly is the limit.)

The opportunity to enjoy time… freedom. (“Full-time” is considered 12-15 hours a week by many of our members. You can use our system to replace your job income while working part-time from home if you want. In fact, many members operate their businesses from a mobile phone from work on their breaks or during lunch hour!)
Mobility to operate your Digital Business System from anywhere you like in the world! (As long as you can bring your mobile phone and laptop you’re in business! Want to take a vacation? No problem. Take a week off? No problem. The system will close your sales and generate income for you even if you’re out of town, spending time with your kids or curled up asleep on the beach!)

Lower start-up costs. (Your total start-up costs will be, by far, much lower than those entering other home based business opportunities — and especially far less than those starting a traditional business or getting a degree.)
Results fast – (You can get started in the next few minutes – if you have a “fire to succeed” in your belly!)
Hassle free guarantee – There’ll be absolutely no binding contracts holding you to anything. (Members are free to terminate their memberships at any time without penalty.)

A business that “suits your personality” – this business works for both introverts and extroverts. (Including super shy “hermits” who hate talking to people!)
The simplest business model ever designed. (The average age of our new DEA students is 45 years old. They have no computer, sales or business experience. With our system, it simply doesn’t matter how much you know or don’t know, as long as you qualify.)
The fact is, there’s a reason why The Six Figure Mentors is now the envy of the entire home based business world, and why prestigious magazines like Home Business Connection and world-class media outlets like Fox Business News and the Toronto Star have wanted to interview us about our system.

So, what does it take to qualify to join the Six Figure Mentors Business System?

Well, for one thing, some people don’t have the “mindset” to be an entrepreneur. It is not a matter of intelligence either. We have very smart friends who we’ve really wanted to join, but because they did not have an entrepreneur mindset, they never went anywhere.

They never really cared about doing business, and, as a result, never made any money. If you’re someone who thinks you can join this on Monday and be rich by Thursday then we want nothing to do with you. You’re trouble to you, me and everyone else.

The only way to “get rich quick” like that is to rob a bank and I want NOTHING to do with that, either. So if you’re the kind of person who just wants to “play” business, or who is not emotionally stable enough to be an entrepreneur, then…

…You’re Out!
You simply don’t qualify. You’ll just be wasting your time and money, and would probably be better off staying at your current job or collecting unemployment until the “right job” comes along. (And by the way, there is no shame in not being an entrepreneur).

Not everyone can be a business owner (the “producers” that drive the global economic engine). Society will always need the “worker bees.”

On the other hand…

If you have the right amount of courage, persistence, and desire to change your life, pumping through your veins… if you are someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur and living life on YOUR terms — with freedom, adventure and true wealth (which means true financial security) for yourself and your family… then The Digital Academy might be for you.

There’s really only one way to find out.

And that is…to apply for membership:
Today you have an opportunity to prepare yourself against the Digital Revolution… to gain skills that will ensure you will laugh off, any worldwide debt implosion(as forewarned by thought leaders in finance and business to happen any time now). Any new technology that wipes out your job. Any job cuts or redundancies, it won’t matter for you.

Ask yourself, knowing what you know now, about the state of the world at the moment, and what’s likely to happen in the future... i.e. more world debt… more new technology … more unemployment:

Could I face losing my job at this stage of my life? (How likely is it that my job could be outsourced to workers out in the India or the Philippines at 1/8th (or less) of what they are paying me?)
Am I happy to continue to earn the money I am now … knowing I walked away from the chance of earning so much more?
Could I forgive myself if I did nothing to learn the skills I needed to be among the most successful people who will rise from this digital revolution armed with skills that allowed me to make huge fortunes whilst working from home, or for any company I was employed by?

The 10 Qualifications You Must Meet

  1. You must have strong morals: You must believe in doing the right thing, even when that is not the route to quick results. You must value integrity over easy return and reputation over financial gain.
  2. You must be someone that does their best in everything they do.
  3. You are someone who does not pass judgment. You live, and let live.
  4. You are fully committed to the process you have set out to perform. You follow a plan that makes your performance predictable.
  5. You are someone who takes consistent action to achieve their goals and finish what they start.
  6. You are an open minded and eager student. You are someone who is willing to put aside everything they believe to be true and embrace new technologies and new mindsets in order to rise above the level of mediocrity.
  7. You know success is rooted in persistence, regardless of the circumstances.
  8. You are able to distinguish between what can or can not be controlled and apply control where needed.
  9. You are an optimist: You tend to be a “glass half-full” type of person. You see the best side of everyone and every situation.
  10. You are humble. You know that success’ only enemy is ego.

Your Application Kit Includes:

Six Figure Mentors Student Account:

You’ll get instant access to a Six Figure Mentors Student account where you can spend as much time as you like learning about this exclusive opportunity.

Consult with a Digital Business Coach such as Oliver who I interviewed below:

They will be able to answer any questions you have, without pressure or hassle.

Instant Online Six Figure Mentors Application:

You will get a list of simple questions that will only take you a few minutes to answer (and that will help us determine if you’re going to be a good fit with us or not).
If you feel you meet all 10 of those qualifications then read on below for instructions on how to apply to the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy...

CLICK HERE and complete our secure online payments form to get started. The application fee is only $29.95. Feel confident that you won’t risk a single penny as it’s 100% refundable within 30 days if you decide this is not for you, (or if we determine you’re simply not the right person for this system) Just let us know and your $29.95 will be refunded immediately.

To your success,
JoAnne Mbonigaba –

Six Figure Mentors Elite Plus

Six Figure Mentors Elite Plus & Digital Experts Academy Black Level Member

P.S. One more thing…

We do all the dirty, hard work (like talking to your prospects and closing your sales), and this six figure mentors system is genuinely working for thousands of people around the world. Don’t let the simplicity fool you.

Act now!

>>>>> Apply to the Six Figure Mentors here today for only $29.95 <<<<<

Ready To Join The Six Figure Mentors | Digital Experts Academy & The Digital Gold Rush? 

Submit Your Six Figure Mentors Application and Join Our Exclusive, Private, Digital Marketing Community… Let’s Do This Together!