Six Figure Mentors Application Review

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Six Figure Mentors Application Review

Are you looking for an honest and comprehensive review of the six figure mentors application?

JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

Then, JoAnne here, from Freedom Mompreneur by Design, and in today's blog post that should take you about 5- 10 minutes to read, I'll share my personal experience with the application process when I joined SFM in November 2016. To get a clear appreciation for all the steps in the six figure mentor application process, check out my blog called "Six Figure Mentors Application".

In brief, the Six Figure Mentors is a world class digital marketing training platform, which provides you with ALL the tools and technology you need to build a winning online business.

The key value of the Six Figure Mentors digital community, business system and training platform, is that it will prepare you for every aspect of online entrepreneurship, covering both the technical know how, in an easy to consume step by step video format, and more importantly the mindset shift through the daily wake up calls and weekly training live video conference training events plus you’ll become a member of an incredibly supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will help you become successful too.

The Six Figure Mentors community and systems are really designed for people who are prepared to invest in their continuing education, to re-skill or up-skill themselves, thereby change their life as a result.

Is that you? If Yes... Apply Here

Okay, so what exactly is the Six Figure Mentors Application and what can you expect?

Six Figure Mentors Application Honest and Comprehensive Review

From my experience, I saw that the Six Figure Mentors believes that by first choosing to build a rock solid foundation for your business, you’ll be able to scale up your progress, enabling you to then provide effective solutions to clients around the globe, truly touching more lives.

BUT wait, there is a BIG BUT you need to be aware of... 

The question is do YOU have what it takes to apply?

You see, at the core of the Six Figure Mentors Application Process are two goals, 1) helping you find out more about and experience first hand The Six Figure Mentors, BUT at the same time, 2) helping us to establish if the Six Figure Mentors (SFM for short) is really a good fit for you to help you achieve your goals of a freedom, fulfillment, and choice.

When I completed the Six Figure Mentors Application Process in November 2016, I had been looking for a better way to leverage the digital economy and was impressed with what I saw and heard about this community so decided to complete the application. At that time, the application was $29.95 now, if you read my Six Figure Mentors Application blog, you will see you can now apply for free.

I was eager to see what it looked like behind the scenes and when this email showed up in my email box, I went immediately to log on and explore. 


Let me tell you, I immediately completed my application which was simple questionnaire asking a little bit about me and why I was interested in the Six Figure mentors (snapshot below).

Six Figure Mentor Application 2017

I also then went right away and logged in to their private community (see picture below) using the credentials provided in the email and...... that was the start of a pretty much 72-hour binge where I poked into every nook and cranny of the site and pretty much clicked on every button I could and took copious notes. I also booked the suggested consultation with my consultant and honestly wasn't sure to expect.

The Six Figure Mentors Private Community Behind the Scenes 2017

How did my meeting with the System Consultant go?

Well, I was nervous wondering if he was going to try to force me to buy like I had experienced in other companies and THANKFULLY was surprised to say the conversation went much different than I expected and was very inspiring. My consultant was Oliver, a young gentleman from the UK and during our initial conversation, he reviewed my application, asked about my goals and why I was interested in SFM. He also shared his personal story.

Six Figure Mentors Application Review - my consultant

Oliver had joined SFM a couple years back himself, he was working as a receptionist in a garage and well, as you can guess that can be quite mundane so he couldn't really see himself doing that forever (could you?) and was looking for other opportunities, came across SFM online while at work (lol) and basically followed the same process that you will in applying and checking it out. He then worked at the business while working full time for just under a year and was able to quit his job, and thanks to applying the SFM training, was able to make over six figures with his online business and continues to do that and more successfully today.

Now, honestly, I forget the exact timeline of when he achieved six figures but I do remember the one thing he stressed was being consistent and recommended 2-3 hours a day or you could get overwhelmed. He was refreshingly easy-going and really just reaffirmed my initial attraction to the SFM community, down to earth, real and relatable. We then booked another follow-up meeting in a week's time after I'd had more time to go over the back office. 

...I didn't tell him that I'd already binged watched and pressed and

Even before that second meeting, after all the mad notes I wrote from the introductory content and also having found and watched the complete footage of the six months to six figure online course, one of Stuart initial exclusive live offering courses, I made the decision to join SFM as it ticked all the boxes for me and clicked the button on the top right of my screen to do so.

The Six Figure Mentors Application Review Six Months to Six Figures

Lucky for me at the time, turns out the six months to six figure online course was only available free of charge for preview for a limited time. Now it's been updated and included in the content only available for members. This just really shows how quickly things can change online and the importance of making a decision and taking action. So grateful that I did!

I found the application process was very simple and linear and really designed for you to facilitate you in making a decision rather than sitting on the fence in limbo. For example, some smart features of the site was a countdown clock in the top right-hand corner that will tell you how much time you have left before your discounted membership reverts to full price. There was also a little live chat box, that I could click at the bottom right of the screen when logged in to chat with the technical support team.

To learn more about the team who educates and supports you along your journey, check out the Six Figure Mentors official site

Now Here's the Bottom Line about the Six Figure Mentors Application

To me, the six figure mentor community appeals to certain people, so I've listed the 10 criteria below for you to ask yourself, is that me?

Here Goes:

1)Do you have strong morals? Are you someone who will choose to do the right thing, even when that is not the route to the quickest result? Do you value integrity over easy return and reputation over financial gain?

2) Are you committed to excellence? Do you do the best in everything that you do?

3)Are you accepting of others? Are you judgemental or do you live and let live?

4) Are you someone who will follow through and finish what you start? It's great to start but the results come when you finish so will you follow through and finish what you start staying fully committed to the process you have set out to perform? Will you follow a plan that makes your performance predictable?

5)Are you goal oriented? Will you take consistent action to achieve your goals?

6)Are you open-minded and eager to learn? Are you open to re-evaluating your beliefs and putting aside the ones that don't support you? Are you open to embracing new technologies and rise above mediocrity?

7)Are you willing to be persistent beyond exception? You know success is awarded to those who persist, regardless of the circumstances.

8) Are you willing to work for what you want? Are you someone who realizes that you are NOT entitled, expecting something for nothing and instead are willing to do the work required to get the end result you desire.

9)Are you an optimist? Do you look for the gold nuggets in everyone and every situation? Are you predisposed to see the glass "half-full" or "half-empty"?

10)Are you willing to check your ego and become focused on truly serving and helping others and being a positive community and team member? Success’ only enemy is often your ego.

The Six Figure Mentors Community and Systems is a unique and high-quality online education environment which supports you in acquiring 1)the technical skill, 2)the critical thinking skills and 3) the invaluable network of high achievers required to become a leader in today’s digital economy.

So, if you answered ‘YES!’ to the questions above and are looking for such a training, systems and support as the Six Figure Mentors, then it's time to decide:

The Six Figure Mentor Application Decision

You can A) Do nothing and continue to be stuck or B) take action and CLICK HERE TO APPLY! (a new window will open)

What do you choose?

Wishing you joy and success,


JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

p.s.: I trust you found value in my blog on my experience, feel free to also contact me or comment below. Look forward to hearing your story as you experience the Six Figure Mentors Application.