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"Marketing to everyone, it is like marketing to no one" - When setting up a business there are many things that need to be planned and monitored, like social marketing. In order for your business to prosper, it is important for it to be noticed by people.

One of those things is spreading your business or precisely marketing it. Marketing is a technique that is used so as to promote and establish your business by reaching out to customers. Also, without marketing solutions, your business has very high chances of failing.

Online marketing is a strategy that helps your business to build a reputation and image online by making use of various marketing tools and marketing solutions. Although the basic purpose behind using social marketing is to bring to light the company’s name but within online marketing, there are ‘ways’ as well.

10 Ways to a Social Marketing System:

  1. Website Development: Developing a website is one of the online marketing strategies that are used in advertising and promoting a company/brand name. Through your website, customers can get a clear idea and the necessary information that they need.
  2. Information: This is why it becomes important that your website has all the required information so that the prospective customers can know what your industry is, what your aim is, what are your objectives and also what is the target audience (like for e.g. If you are running a fashion business so let the people know what gender and age are it for).
  3. SEM: Once your website is established, you need to bring traffic towards your website and you can do this through a SEM (Search Engine Marketing). There are two basic ways you can do this, one by PPC and the second by SEO.
  4. PPC: PPC or Pay per click is a strategy where an ad is displayed on search engine result pages and when a user clicks on the ad, he/she is directed to the website. Then the advertiser pays for the ad once users visit the site.
  5. SEO: SEO is where you optimize the website content by using keywords or keyword phrases so as to get exposure online. You can also supplement this by doing social bookmarking and creating backlinks in as many places as you want for your site.
  6. Providing value: Online marketers can also promote their business by providing value via many channels. Email marketing is one of them, it entails sending newsletters, informational emails, and coupons. Also, people can sign up to get emails or newsletter regarding new products, etc.
  7. List Building: This way, marketers can get connected to a certain audience to create a list building that is usually continued when an individual register to get free news, reports, video series, etc. or about promotional stuff.
  8. Social Media Marketing: Another online marketing system strategy that is on a go is social media marketing. Social media is at its peak nowadays and everyone has at least one account on social media, so advertising and marketing via social media are effective.
  9. Promotion: For example, making a page for your company on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google+, and creating an Instagram or Twitter account to give more value and reach more potential customers, etc. it will be helpful because the more people share it the more your presence online will get stronger.
  10. AdsRun ads in a methodic way through high cost strategies like Google, Yahoo, AdSense, Bing, etc.) or through low cost strategies like Social Media groups, forums, daily content, and by providing free high quality value

Therefore, you see, the different tools and strategies blanketed under social marketing are all helpful but the choice depends on the type of business you are running or the budget that you have.

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